Harrison Hot Springs

activities in Harrison Hot Springs - Spa Resort
Harrison Hot Springs

May long week is notorious for rain. I get excited each year when the week before shows promise of sunshine and wish to go camping. Then we end up soggy under a tarp wishing we had stayed home.

This year we outsmart the weatherman and booked our stay in the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel and Resort.
Rain or shine this place is a relaxing playful holiday. Families fill every seat around the pools, soaking in the healthy waters, geothermal heated ground water from the earths crust.

Our time in the hot tub, we stretch out and relax. It’s a wonderful paring with my back rehabilitation program through work. The therapeutic warmth helps sooth my muscles.

Outside the steam rises high above the pools having a mystical effect, reaching towards the nesting birds in the surrounding evergreens. I let my thoughts carry me away up the dense forest, along the hillside and wonder if the bears are awake from hibernation. If they looked down at us with their empty stomachs we would look like a marinating smorgasbord. What a luxury to take a moment, even for a silly thought.

The mineral rich hot springs at Harrison were originally used by the Salish Coast Natives who revered them as a “healing place”, arriving by canoe to help with aches and pains from their rejuvenating waters. The mineral waters are said to bring relief to sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis through the 8 minerals present in the water, which averages 1,300 parts per million of dissolved mineral solids, one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring.

The Harrison Hot Springs resort boasts 2 indoor and 3 outdoor mineral pools. The indoor sitting pool is cooled to a temperature of 38°-40°C (100°-103°F), an ideal temperature for promoting the relief of general aches and stress, and the larger indoor pool is maintained at a temperature of 32°C (90°F).

Harrison Hot Springs gives the traveller the ideal stay and you never have to leave the hotel. Lakeside Restaurant offers a buffet style breakfast and is open for a menu lunch and dinner. There’s a sports bar and room service. If you get the 2 day package you can enjoy the Copperroom on one of your evenings. We dressed up in our finest, even the kids, and walked down stairs to the restaurant. There’s a three course meal with 3 options, either  beef or pork, chicken or Salmon and always a vegetarian meal upon request. The meal was gourmet. If you don’t fancy anything on the special hotel menu, open up and sample off their regular menu. I had the lamb, and it was perfection. Our waiter was sweet enough to take care of Daniel, Angelina and I, when Alfonz had a touch of a bug, and had to leave our table before the foods arrival. They wrapped up his dinner, and gave us complimentary desserts. The children were on their best behaviour watching the singer and band performance, and I sipped my drink until they finished up their food. It was lovely.

The strip is speckled with a variety of restaurants, our favourite over the years has been the German restaurant . My Grandparents would drive us here when we were kids for their Schnitzel and after treat us to an ice cream. We carry on the tradition and when we come here we enjoy a full cabbage, spaetzel and Schnitzler meal. After swimming the day away, it was the perfect ending to our first night in Harrison Hot Springs.

We asked to have the room that walks out to the adult pools. You can not book this one online, but have to call in. It is perfect. After the kids go down for the night, we slip out the sliding doors and join in the chatter outside our window and enjoy a childless moment together. I love this get away.

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