Spinning On The Bull’s Balls- Milan Italy

milano bull's balls
Milano bull's balls
A walking strip in Milan, Italy
A walking strip in Milan, Italy






Today was a full first day in Milan. After we finished walking up and down the stairs to Duomo view top we then stopped for a quick bite to eat and found a little hidden gem of a spot to have a quick espresso. The shop walls were covered in a tiny mosaic of birds in trees. The best part was the price 4€.

The next stop was to spin on the bull’s balls. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is a pedestrian shopping street with ceramic pictures on the ground.

Not sure how the tradition started, but if you spin on the ceramic picture of the bull, where the balls are supposed to be, they say it brings you luck. I watched tourists, security guards, workers and Milanese, all take turns as they passed by, trying non-chalantly to spin with dignity with out embarrassment. Some didn’t even stop their conversation as they went, spun and continued as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

I took my turn. Of course I came for the luck!

Another √ off my 40-before-40 list.



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