Tourist in our own town -White Rock, BC


White Rock is a beautiful place to visit. Mom is here visiting from 100 mile house, and the must dos are always the same.

Moby’s fish and chips on the beach, homemade tartar sauce with french fries from special grown local potato farmers that you actually eat! Huge pieces of cod. High traffic, always fresh

The seagulls fly over head as we eat, and are very brave buggers indeed. We watch them fly close and can almost touch them. People feed them. We try not to. They seem fat for seagulls kind of like the squirrels at Stanley Park.

We let the kids play in the surf, discovering the variety of animals that live under the rocks and sand, shallow waters and tide pools. They enjoy the breeze that keeps them cool in the summer heat.

We pack up the kids, now that the wind feels cold, and we make our way to the car for the pretty drive along the strip through Ocean Park to Crescent Beach. The custom made houses, some lotto homes, the cliffside views are something else.

When we were kids we would cruise the strip in our decked out cars, convertibles and oldies. It was our hang out place, and a great place to meet kids from other schools. Everyone that was anyone was at the beach. Today I see many the same thing, with friends in groups huddled up, bikers and bike enthusiast collect in parking lots and a variety of cars pass by.

On the main strip, at the commercial end of the pier is an excellent Gelato shop. Dolce Gelato’s owners are hilarious, and the lines are long but worth every penny spent.

Lazy late afternoons turn to evening walks along the the seashore. The sunsets are spectacular. People are out no matter the weather to take in the beautiful scenery of the west coast. Often we see seal, bald eagles and an occasionally killer whale off the shore.
Loads to do here, from watching the people jump off the end of the pier as your stroll along the walkway,  enjoying some great casual and fine dining, cute boutiques to browse through, and a great beach to soak in the sun.
White Rock is great little get away from the grind!

Pearl is our favourite for fine dining on Main Beach.
Dolce Gelato on Main Beach.
Deluxe if you find yourself on East Beach for fine dining.
Crescent Beach, go to the Seahorse for dinner, excellent food!
Martino’s for Gelato on Crescent.

That’s Hamori

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