Are you looking to learn English in Canada? Recruiting students now for 2022-2023 school year


Are you thinking about taking a gap year? Why not follow the Hamori family back to Canada and stay in the beautiful region of British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island exposes you to the great outdoors. There is nature at every turn. Imagine living in a park-like setting. There are enormous ancient pines catherdralling high above head; snow-capped mountains surrounding you with easy access to skiing, snowboarding and sledding; rocky beaches and the cool, quiet waters of the Pacific Ocean; all teaming with the famous West Coast wildlife.

We offer high school homestays in the cities of Victoria, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, and Parksville.

We offer 10-month full school year programs or a 5-month semester depending on your needs. Classes start at the beginning of each semester in either September – January and/or February – June. Semester systems provide four classes to students each term and they start four new classes the following term. This gives homestay students the added benefit of choosing which classes are most important to them. They will be part of mainstream classes, surrounded by locals and international students from all around the world. Most homestay students stay one full school year from the beginning of September to the end of June.

Homestay families host students in their own homes, offer 3 meals each day and give students a place to call home during their English homestay experience. Most homestay families have children of their own, giving them the opportunity to talk throughout the day.

Tuition, fees and homestay costs:

$30,800 CA for the whole school year. September – June

$15,725 CA for the 5-month program either September – January or January – June

Book early, before January for September for discounted prices. These prices do not include airline tickets, Student Visas or extra costs.

If you are interested in living abroad, please contact us at

LivEnglish Canada

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