Midnight? Alaskan Alfonz

ALfonz tours Alaska on his BMW1200GS
Alaska motor bike tour, HAMORI

Jealously or envy are feelings that I don’t feel. I’m simply not wired that way.

I truly feel happy for people when they experience good things that come their way. If it’s when people find contentment in items they acquire, receive promotions at their work, or they finally manage to buy the house they have always dreamed of, I never feel it unfair in any way.

I experience it through their eyes, how great it feels to acquire what they desire genuinely feeling their joy. Especially when we know how hard it is to get there.

Doesn’t everyone deserves to feel that way? Even the jerk that wins the lotto!

Seeing this picture of Alfonz at midnight was the first time I realized I wasn’t experienced something that Alfonz was. I guess, being rarely apart or being at events together, our memories are the same, and we are each others witness to each adventure.

I got a tinge of, hmm I wish I was in the picture too, feeling the warm sun on my face at midnight!  How in the world does your body know it’s time for bed anyway? Knowing Alfonz, he isn’t sleeping or eating much anyhow!

Seeing the sun dip into the horizon and come back up, strange right? The dimming golden glow that my husband is bathing in, is an anomaly yet for me to experience. Maybe in Finland once we move he says. I’ll add it to my list.

Is that close to envy or jealousy? Probably as close as I get.

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