Alaskan Alfonz in Haines


Haines Alaska is where we started from on the ferry down the coast through the Alaskan Panhandle. The weather has been pretty amazing so far. Until we boarded anyway and the weather became foggy. Not much of a view as we made our way towards home, loads of people are glued to the windows to catch a glimpse of a whale or two. I’d rather read my book. I phoned home today from Ketchikan Alaska. Finally some WiFi along the way. Sent this photo to everyone, and had a quick chat with the kids and Eva before lunch with the boys. Home soon.




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  1. Hopefully Budapest will become our second home. The B&B in France will be our business and our home base. Life is too short, and we need to live as if this was our last year left on earth. Seize the day!

  2. I’ve heard Alaska is beautiful. I’m not much of a cruise person, but I think an Alaskan cruise would be spectacular.

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