Alaskan Bound Alfonz Day 3

Alfonz called from Watson Lake Yukon, in a little hotel they found on the side of the road, around 9:00 pm last night sounding exhausted, dehydrated and hungry.Probably the happiest I ever heard my husband!These two guys are on a mission, and they are loving the road.600 Miles, 965 Kms in a 12 hour stretch of Hwy, spanning from Barns Lake to the interior.“We saw a mamma bear and two cubs, a giant moose, and tons of deer along the run!”
“The countryside is beautiful, I can’t wait to send more pictures. Next stop”

“I got a kick out of this little fellow running down the highway with dinner for the family” I guess this is what they call the fox trot.They are heading up to a natural hot springs today some 450 clicks away and will spend the day resting. Which translated to drinking. Excellent boys!That’s Hamori

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