Sallèles-d’Aude Fête – Eau, terre et vin


FunFair Goulamas'k

Jousting, BMX water jumping, good fresh food, hot bands- situated along the canal du midi –  make for a fun festival. Eau, terre et vin fete de Sallèles d’Aude was the location for Sunday’s outing.

Alfonz, Daniel and I started off walking through the garage sales with our friends from Capestang. Here we met the local vendors while sampling their products and lastly watched the BMX guys do cool jumps off a ramp into the canal du midi. The kids thought this was particularly amazing!

Goulamas’k’s Fanfare was there to entertain as were two other bands who walked throughout the crowds. It was a super cool time and many people lined the shores to try to get a spot to watch all the events.

We managed to miss the jousting. We thought it started a 18:00 but no it ended at 18:00. From my understanding, two open air boats, larger than a canoe, holding roughly twelve people, face each other and one man from each team walks up a ladder to a pad on the end and tries to knock his opponent  from the other boat into the water below, using a jousting pole. Your team is in your boat watching you as you attach. I may borrow a photo to show it, as it is very hard to explain.

Our friend Gordon played his sax in the FunFair. How awesome for Angelina and Daniel to see Flo (Daniel’s guitar teacher) and Gordon (our family friend) play on stage in front of hundreds of people. They are great of examples of people doing what they love to do. Lesson learned and case point.

It was a great time with our Capestang friends. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

That’s Hamori

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