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I love my kid’s school. First I wrote, I love my school and realized Sunnyside Elementary School isn’t my school at all. It just feels like it is, being that the last three years I have been involved in the PAC and the Surrey Montessori Society; a non-profit running out of our school. www.surreymontessorisociety.org

Believing in Maria Montessori’s method, which offers three years with the same teacher and three grade levels in a cycle, sensory learning, and field trips with hands on based projects, I feel my time is well spent.

What do we do now? We decided to be undecided for an occupation, a home country and a home, but what to do about the kids schooling? Well Canada offers a one year travel abroad home schooling program. Come June we buy the books for the entire year and get started. We won’t be stopping for summer, and we’ll continue the curriculum and French as a family until we leave. This will put Angelina and Daniel a complete Canadian grade level ahead by the time we get to France and then we focus on French. An English emersion program close to the Aude region could be an option yet the more I read on the topic, seems to show an outstanding number of families simply put their kids into the public school system.

They choose the closest to their homes and immerse them into their new surroundings. Most public schools offer French brush up classes on their 1 1/2 hour lunch break. And if a child falls behind because of language they make it up by the time they reach twelve, when they go to the next level of education. English emersion schools are usually farther away, full of English speakers like my kids from all over the world, which would somehow defeat the purpose of moving to France. A bonus could end up being that Daniel and Angelina, both year-end babies, are already a grade ahead. In Europe September and not January is the cut off for the school year. Makes way more logical sense. They may have to repeat grade three and one but with the kids their own age. Nice!

Almost planned out or more of that Hamori luck!

That’s Hamori!

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