12 year old – Make It Rain Electric Guitar


Daniel has been taking guitar lessons from Flo lead guitarist from our local (somewhat famous) Goulamas’k for two years. We feel very lucky to have this opportunity. They started him on the acoustic guitar and he made good progress the first year. He really wanted to move to the electric guitar early on but we said he must learn the notes first. Pleased with his first year at 10 years old, by Daniel’s 11th birthday we purchased his Jackson guitar with the help of his music teacher.

Flo’s method of teaching is very unique. He picks songs that Daniel loves and he teaches them the best parts of each songs. Daniel then comes home and uses his hearing to piece together the rest of the notes. It is a far more organic method to learning music. Far too many kids hate music lessons because of the boring academic rote teaching taught by teachers in France; based on repetition and tortuous hand exercises. YAWN…

Many students in the traditional music schools learn the same few songs year after year without much progress and their natural interest towards music has not yet been sparked. Learning based on a student’s musical preferences, and learning the songs through cognitive learning; they listen and they replicate the sounds, much like when a baby first learns to talk.

The best musicians in the world naturally learn this way, and Flo often says he doesn’t teach the kids, he just guides them in a similar way that he learns music. He has no idea how brilliant he is! Some of the best teachers in the world are not really teachers, but are truly cultivating amazing teaching methods; Flo is an excellent example.


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