My French Garden Love

A splash of colour here and there
Pretty entrance
Pretty Entrance

To appreciate Mother Nature in all her forms, gardening is a celebration of creation. Watching and nurturing seeds to sprouts, the stages plants go through until they flower and lastly give fruit: is a lesson in patience and love.  Gardening is a common pass time and no wonder, when you can get your hands dirty and take a moment to connect with our earth.

Our first Peppers
Our 1st Pepper

Our first Tomatoes

pink Roses France
Pink Roses of France
beans, peas and radish
Beans, Peas and Radish
yellow zucchini ?
Yellow Zucchini  Perhaps
Our birds, Stella-Blue and Nick hang in the garden
Stella-Blue and Nick hang in the garden
white flowers throughout the garden
A splash of colour here and there
A splash of purple
A splash of colour in the garden
A splash of pink
When these grow together it will be stunning
mix and match
Alfonz stucco the fascia around the sides of the tiles
Alfonz finishes with stuccos fascia
perfect view of my little garden from this chair
perfect view

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