Piazza Dei Mercanti & Duomo Roof Top View

40 before 40 ? Duomo


40 before 40 ? Duomo
40 before 40 ? Duomo

Milano! You either love it or hate it here or at least that’s what the tourist book says.

Milano on first glance is noisy, crowded, busy and dirty. On second glance you will find a lively culture, with people out and about with many things to do and see; even in the middle of winter.

Mom was recently reacquainted through the Hungarian version of Facebook with a friend from high school. From there we somehow ended up in Milano, Italia visiting them for a week taking in the sites. They haven’t seen each other in 42 years.

The two of them act like teenagers, laughing, recollecting old memories and catching up on each other’s lives. I watch and smile at these two women, so happy as they make their way through Milan. I am glad to tag along and witness my mom so happy.

We started out at the Piazza Dei Mercanti and entered Saint Maria Cathedral and made our way up to the famous lookout. Here we saw a sunny view of the city below. It was interesting to see the old church against a skyscraping back drop. Old meets new in Milan, and the contrast makes it eclectic.

Our pictures inside the cathedral did not turn out so well. It was very dark, full of original paintings, detailed stain glass windows and woodwork throughout. There is so much to see, that my brain stopped registering.

Duomo the Gothic cathedral took 600 years to complete, started in 1386-1965 and is the biggest in Italy. Now, scaffolding surrounds much of the outsides and can be seen in each of our pictures. Maintenance, perhaps?

Inside, the ceiling was magnificent, with bending archway after archway high above our heads that seemed to go on forever. It was so pretty I nearly cried or it could be the cold medication.

How did I get sick? Mom and I missed our train in Lyon, as the ticket said to make your way to the other train station and I couldn’t read it until it was too late. Note to self: LEARN FRENCH!!

We rushed in a cab costing 50€ (ouch) and missed the train 9245 by literally three minutes when we arrived at 12:38. The second train left at 4:35. Forced to upgrade to first class, we paid the additional 75€ to catch the only seats available on the next train to Milan.

With nothing to do, Mom and I checked out the French ‘solde’ sales in the Airport, a ten- minute walk from the train station. Sorry Alfonz, I bought myself a Mexx sweater. I was so cold, I felt myself getting sick. Four hours we wondered around killing time in and out of the train station and airport.

At the last minute we also realized that the second train arrives at a different Milano train station. What a mess! Stressed, I could feel a fever brewing. By the time 21:45 finally rolled around, I was sick.

Meeting our lovely hosts made everything ok, as I was so happy to see them after sixteen hours of travel.

After a good night sleep the ladies woke up early and chatted until 10:30 and then we left on the bus and then subway to get to the square. But it wasn’t the only thing we did this fine sunny day in Milan.

Duomo was a huge ? off my 40-before-40 list.



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