Milano Bus Tour – A Line

Tram along old street
Me at Castello
Me at Castello


Milano has a hop on hop off bus tour like Barcelona and Budapest.

Without a car, we decide to try the two day tour for 20€. Pleased to start off at Piazza Castello where the Sforza castle is located, we walked around the castle before the bus picked us up. A well preserved castle with a giant courtyard turned park for the Milan people to enjoy. It was a warm day and many people brought their children out to play in the grass. Walking to the other side of the castle we saw giant statues perched on Porta Sempione, the city gate of Milan Italy.

Mom and I started with the historical bus line A to tick Leonardo Da Vinci’s Canal off my 40-before-40 list. Although a little disappointing, as the canal has been drained for maintenance and lined with bright coloured flags to keep people out, we did manage to see Leonardo’s Canal from the comfort of the top deck of the doubled-decker bus. He built the canal lock to replace the heavy more inefficient version before them. His lock was mitered, meaning two 45 degree doors that, when under pressure tightened the seal. Eventually all canal locks were changed out with this style. And centuries later his invention has stood the test of time and used in most waterways and canals around the world.

The buses used in Milan have a covered top deck to keep visitors dry in the snow and rain. Although cold, we bundled up for the day and found it enjoyable for the most part and the sun shined through the clouds, the perfect light for photos. When cold we went down stairs to warm up. The buses were not full today so we had the run of them.

You can jump on and off the buses at will to explore the sites. And many people did. We however did not, and stayed on the bus until the end and walked back tot he places we wished to see after.

Stop #8 Duomo is a must see, as is the walking shopping strip. I also recommend Da Vinci’s Last Supper stop #3 and Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.

Line A

1. Castello

  • The Sforza Castle
  • Castle’s Museum (Museum of Ancient Arts, Collections of applied arts, Museum of Musical of musical instruments, Archaeological Museum, Art Gallery)
  • Via Dante

2. Cadorna

  • Monumento  ‘L’ago, il filo, il nodo’
  • Cadorna Railway Station
  • Malpensa Express Shuttle Train

3. Magenta/Cenacolo

  • Santa Maria delle Grazie Church & The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Palazzo Stelline (Exhibition Centre)

4. Sant’Ambrogia

  • Sant’Ambrogio Church
  • Science and Technology National Museum

5. Navigli

  • Sant’Eustorgio Church and Portinari Chapel
  • Navigli area and boat cruises
  • Via Savona – Via Tortona new urban site (former industrial area)
  • Tuesday and Saturday market

6. Parco Delle Basiliche

  • San Lorenzo Church and columns 
  • Roman Amphitheatre

7. Universita Statale

  • Universita Statale
  • Guastalla public gardens
  • Synagogue
  • Basilica San Nazaro and Porta Romana district

8. Duomo

  • Duomo square and Cathedral 
  • Royal Palace
  • Museo del Novecento (Museum of the 20th century)
  • Vittorio Emanuel II archade
  • Affari square and stock exchange
  • Ambrosiana library and art gallery
  • Milano a memoria – Cinema 5D

9. Manzoni/Scala

  • La Scala Opera House and the Theatre Museum
  • Poldi Pezzoli Museum
  • Fashion District

10. Manin

  • Villa Belgioioso Bonaparte
  • Public gardens Indro Montanelli
  • Via Montenapoleone/ Via della SPiga fashion district

11. Moscova

  • Arena civica (ancient amphitheatre)
  • Aquarium
  • China Town

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