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December 14th 2012 was my 39th birthday, and  I have made a list of the forty places I wish to visit over the course of the next year before turning the big four oh and specifically what I would like to see and do there.

Last year when we started our adventure in Europe, Kelley Scarsbrook launched her 40 before 40 blog on all the ambitious things she wanted to do before turning forty. Our family followed her over the course of the year and watched her tick? the items off her list.

She has inspired me to do something similar, except being a travel writer my list will be exploration related.  Although I would love to: meet Oprah Winfrey, jump out of a plane and drive a Ferrari before I die, this last year before reaching forty will focus on travelling to the places close to our new home and accomplishing a few more of my goals. That is why we moved to Europe after all and a little tribute seems in order.

  1. Paris – Eiffel Tower Lookout
  2. Paris – Tour Boat on the Seine River
  3. Paris – Arche de Triomphe
  4. Paris – Champs Elysees
  5. Andorra -Mushing (in Seturia)
  6. Andorra – Horse Back Riding through snow
  7. Venice Italy – Classic Gondola Ride
  8. Venice Italy – Basilica di San Marco
  9. Rome Italy – Vatican City
  10. Rome Italy – Colosseum
  11. Rome Italy – Pantheon
  12. Milan – da Vinci’s Last Supper
  13. Milan – Duomo Roof View
  14. Milan – Spin on the Bull’s Balls
  15. Milan – Leonardo da Vinci’s Canal
  16. Florence Italy – Piazza della Signoria
  17. Florence Italy – The Campanile bell tower in Piazza del Duomo
  18. Florence Italy – The Baptistery of John the Baptist
  19. Ferry Ride to Corsica
  20. Corsica – Ajaccio
  21. Corsica – Propriano
  22. Cycling tour down the Canal Du Midi
  23. Canal Boats with the kids
  24. Languedoc Winery Tour
  25. Morocco – Hercules’s Cave Tangier
  26. Morocco – Visit a Tannery
  27. Moroccan – Beach Swim
  28. Morocco – Petit Socco for mint tea
  29. Morocco – Grande Socco for mint tea
  30. Morocco – Place Du France evening stroll
  31. Morocco – Tangier American Legation Museum
  32. Pyrenees – Ski with the kids
  33. Barcelona – Sagrada Familia Church
  34. Barcelona – Montserrat’s Sanctuary & The Black Madonna 
  35. Barcelona – Picasso Museum
  36. Barcelona – Güell Park (Gaudi)
  37. Valencia Spain – Cathedral of Santa Maria de Valencia
  38. Valencia Spain – Parque Natural de la Albufera
  39. Hot Air Balloon (Andora?)
  40. River Rafting Roquebrun

After reviewing our finances this year as well as the allotted holidays during the up and coming year, and I do not think, yet hope, it is possible to accomplish the entire list. SO I have decided to add swap out items incase this occurs. Also if we are at a location and go to an amazing site, we may add it to our list.

  1. Learn Left Hand on the Piano (which I have been working on)
  2. Published in a Book (writing second book)
  3. Learn French (working on CD’s)
  4. Put Together Cook Book (Grandmas recipes) Travel Eat Repeat
  5. Solo in the choir I have a small solo part in Bohemian Rhapsody for the end of year concerts: dates pictures and photos to follow.
  6. Visit an Olive Garden and see how they make olive oil
  7. Port Adventura Themed Park with kids SPAIN 
  8. Tarragona Spain
  9. Pescatarian in France 
  10. Scotland Visit Step-Sister & New Baby
  11. Plant Vegetable Garden
  12. Loose 5 kilos
  13. Write for a magazine
  14. Write for a magazine and get paid 
  15. House Hunter’s Returns
  16. Run in an election campaign
  17. Go Karting 
  18. spelunking
  19. Saint Andrews
  20. Falkland Palace
  21. Glasgow Scotland
  22. Partake in a grape harvest
Alfonz and I


OK so I have an unexpected hysterectomy operation come Nov 19 with a 4 week recovery. In all fairness, and not for lack of trying, I am tacking on 4 weeks to my 40 before 40 list. So, for the kids Christmas holidays we are ticking the final items off my list!  ??

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