Leadership without religion, the Age of Aquarius and happiness

world peace through the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius will bring us closer to world peace

‘Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.’ Deepak Chopra

After class today I thought, wow, what an awesome time in world history we live in! I asked a group of students between the ages of 15 and 16 if they believe in ‘God’ or if they go to church. Without hesitation three out of the four kids said they have never believed in God and neither have their parents. However, they were all baptised in the Catholic Church but in all honesty, they did it for their grandparents. They were openly agnostic or atheist which was surprising for me, when as recently as 20 years ago this open admission was unheard of and even frowned upon.

The religious boy was the exception. He had older parents, tagged with a soft hearted nature, far younger than the others for his age. He believed as his parents believed; honestly, purely and without question. I wish I had that kind of unwavering belief in anything, but I don’t. I question everything, all the time, like that one annoying kid in class with his hand always up.

I continued to ask the question throughout the summer and what I heard surprised me.

This new generation has no problem not believing in the god of their forefathers, in fact they categorized them as things parents taught their children to keep them from being bad. I took a minute to think about that. If kings wanted to control their people since the beginning of time, then religion was a way to make sure they followed their leader.

These kids were well behaved, polite, educated, spiritual, musical, in fact most were very well developed human beings. And over 90% didn’t go to church or believed in God.

When my son Daniel was 9, I asked him the same question. He said he didn’t believe in Jesus or the Easter Bunny anymore. ‘Mommy, I am far too old for that.’ I looked him in his big bright eyes and thought, wow, this boy has such insight to things beyond my understanding and I instantly took his view at that moment as my own. Because he had no reason to conform, no pressure to believe in a god so he decided it was fiction. And our family followed his lead.

Now I don’t judge others who believe in God and in our circle of friends we have a wide range of different points of view on the topic from atheist, agnostic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, Christians, and even a few wiccans. Usually the topic is taboo like sex and politics, but as of late we have all found a common ground through spirituality. My friends believe in love, kindness, openness and like me they believe in people, our fellow man. After all we are all friends, not always agreeing, however we always find that middle ground, that neutral space to love one another. We are like Switzerland, neutral, friends to all, enemies to none.

Now, all our children fall into the category of Indigo babies the children born with a natural understanding of their place in the world without ever being taught. They have empathy beyond belief, an almost osmosis ability to learn and to fit their knowledge into place to what they already know. They understand things beyond their years, almost like a psychic connection to the earth and the rhythms around them. These children are special compared to our generation, but not rare, and usually born after 1980.

Is this the future of the world? I wonder if this is the beginning of the effects of the Age of Aquarius, a time where brotherhood, unity and integrity are replacing the Age of Pisces and the value of money, power and control. To imagine a future where we belong to one race, the human race, with one purpose in mind; to heal and love unconditional our planet. If this is true, then the next 2150 years will be a wonderful time to be alive.

You take away the segregation of religions and change your focus from power and money to unconditional acceptance of your fellow man, what happens?  Why are so many afraid to let go and to empower one another? Let us feed each other’s successes. Encourage each other’s survival. Sounds alot like world peace to me.

I like the idea that we are all connected by thought, and that we don’t need a higher power to tell us to be good. I need to believe that people are good regardless of consequence, and the powers that are in charge create controls and chaos to keep us off balance so we fight one another instead of overthrowing them.

If left to our own devices in the new age, which is just starting, we will seek happiness, spirituality in the actions we do, and love despite race, creed, colour, economically background, religion or sexual preference. And guess what, our children are already plugged into this mindset. It is only a matter of time. World peace begins.

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  1. We used to let the skaters judge the competitions. If you entered, you got to vote, top 5 (and you couldn’t vote for yourself). the skaters knew who was ripping hard that day and who was cruising. Also, no one could complain because they were a judge. Yeah you could get a conspiracy if enough people enter in order to &#i202;r8g” the event, but no more than when you pay a person to judge.


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