Sagrada Familia Basilica – Barcelona Spain

Interior Sagrada Family Basilica
Interior Sagrada Family Basilica

If you do one thing outside of budget on your trip to Barcelona, go inside Sagrada Familia Temple. The large Catholic Church draws tourist from around the world. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI declares the temple a minor Basilica.

The unfinished work by Antoni Gaudi is different than any other church. Its vastness alone is note worthy but with light flowing through and the detail on the mesmerizing ceiling adds to the wonderment.

Stain glass windows capture Gaudi’s vision and allows light to flow, flooding the entire church. Fervently religious, he considered this his greatest work.

Scaffolding, building materials and the sounds of construction meet your senses during your tour. The privately funded undertaking will be worth the wait for this UNESCO declared heritage site. Once completed, Sagrada will be the tallest building in Barcelona.

Gaudi 1852- 1926 only witnessed a quarter completion upon his death. The remarkable Gothic design will be completed 2026, the centennial of his death.

The line up during the summer is close to three hours, where in the winter they are around one hour long. A way to skip the line all together is to buy your tickets online. You will find the pick up ticket window completely empty.

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