Picasso Museum – Barcelona Spain

picasso museum barcelona spain
Eva @ Picasso Museum Barcelona Spain
Eva @ Picasso Museum Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain Picasso Museum is for the art lover.

A little known fact about my past- I worked 10 years for an Art Gallery where I met local and famous artists like Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac and Robert Bateman and participated in signings and sales in the Canadian art scene.

I loved my job and learned so much about collecting art, framing and selling signed and numbered prints. We sold artist’s work both past and present. Sadly I had to choose between a good paying full-time union job with security or a part-time sales job in contemporary art where the pay was either feast or famine.

My love of art has stayed with me over the years and I happened to have married a man with an artist’s soul. Alfonz enjoys drawing and that talent has been passed down to our children. Both Angelina and Daniel have an amazing eye for detail and my family has an imaginative view of the world that they can transfer to paper. They amaze me.

Taking them to the Picasso Museum was just as much for my family as it was for me. Adult tickets are 11€ and children under 17 are free, well worth the twenty-minute lineup to get in.

We spent one and half-hours walking through rooms displaying Picasso’s work.

Spanish born Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 spent critical years in Barcelona Spain and dedicated his work to the Museum to preserve them. He lived most of his adult years between Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain.

Walking through the gallery, you see different styles he played with and mastered through his life until you reach the famous work Picasso is most famous for, where impressionist, colourful shapes meet the page.

Picasso changed his style throughout his life although he was a child art prodigy as a classical, academic painter taught by his father who too was a painter. He painted realistically during his Blue and Rose periods. Later he experimented with Cubism, which he jointly invented with George Braque: a style of abstract colourful shapes, as well as sculpture. His style was mainly his own- Picasso-style.

The more I read about Picasso the more interesting he becomes. His life was full of passion and his lifestyle was large. Picasso’s are not for everyone to put on their wall, we all have different ideas of art but a little Picasso lives in us all.

If you love art, I highly recommend stopping by the Picasso Museum and not only before 40.


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