Remembrance Day, France



Remembrance Day in Capestang was very special. A group of retired residents, families and children from the school, along with their teachers, members of the police department and the mayor and his men, meet at the City hall to walk in a procession towards the statue with the grand stair well. The building looks like a town hall. Here we listen to the speeches, as the band plays the national anthem, and the flowers are offered in Remembrance to the various wars France has been involved in. We take a moment to acknowledge the people who died.

From here we walk over the bridge to the cemetery. Listening to the band playing, the breeze rustles through the trees along the canal banks; we look at the various tombs in the graveyard. It is so peaceful here, the beauty noteworthy. Alfonz likes to find the oldest among them and the exquisite details on the stones.

Take a moment to pay your respects. Many people have died so we may enjoy our freedom.

That’s Hamori!



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