French Christmas Hamori Style

Everyone around my table
Everyone around my table

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends around the world. We would like to share our Christmas with you. Please feel free to view the photo gallery. I added extra shots for you to enjoy.

Our first friends showed up around 7:30 with their four kids. I envisioned feeding all the children first, while we wait for our other guests to arrive. Things went according to plan, as we casually ate appetizers and sampled all the savoury treats. Traditional fois gras turned into pate for our party, served next to smoked salmon, olive and sun dried tomato tapanas with warm baguettes. There was a choice of rose and white wine for our guests.

The children ate turkey, rice and vegetables quickly to get upstairs to start a movie in Daniel’s room and play with new toys in Angelina’s.

The rest of our company showed up then and we started to get the main course ready for the sit down part of the meal. We put everything into our sunroom, set the table for nine adults, opened the doors to the inside of our home and made a warm fire.

The main course was stuffed turkey, served with gravy, mashed potatoes and parmesan cheese Brussels’ sprouts, with rose and red wines.

It was a mix of French and English spoken around our table. Our friends have patience when we get stuck and often offer up the word in English although we mainly speak French. Mom is the only one that gets away with English.

Then came the 12 varieties of cheese pared with red wine. A chocolate smorgasbord dessert with champagne ended the meal. The children were then asked downstairs to have some treats and ice cream.

The children retreated upstairs to quietly draw and finish their movie.

Coffee was at the end of our meal just after midnight. Everyone was feeling content.

Christmas was special; good food, good friends and lastly traditional Languedoc wines.



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