Roman Shore Danube River


Twenty minutes from Solymar and it feels like we are on a beach holiday.

Along the Danube River in Budapest there are little beaches and restaurants from Spring – Autumn for tourists and locals alike.

You can find families eating ice cream, groups of students canoeing up and down the river, and cyclists making their way long smooth paths from Margaret Island, in the heart of the city, towards this little oasis.

Of course, thousands of tourists party here in the many beer gardens and cafés that string through the Roman Shore, a few hundred yards of the classic great atmosphere that Budapest is famous for.

The nightlife is legendary with people flying to Budapest from all over the world to enjoy cheap eats and drinks; perfect for bachelor parties and quick long weekend getaway. During the busy bustle of city life, many take a break here, at Romai Part.

We saw one place with an open BBQ, a pot full of goulash over an open fire and folks playing Bocce ball openly laughing. Another with a yoga zen atmosphere with hippies crawling all over it eating tofu and vegan ice creams. Where men with long hair tied up in buns, dreadlocks hanging to another’s waste and people napping on giant beanbag chairs feeling the breeze off the river under giant evergreen trees. They could have been anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea, Lake Balaton or even the Pacific Coast; young people relaxing on vacation, enjoying the company of other travellers.

Langos stands, ice cream vendors, and food trucks line the walking paths. Nip into a restaurant and you will see that they are temporary food trucks with built on terraces made of wood. Canopies shade the clientele who eat a variety of fried fish, meats, and big salads. You can find traditional Hungarian cuisine for cheap, and the ambience is one between camping with people in shorts and T-shirts and women dressed to the hilts on dates on honeymoon.

It is a great spot for families too. Children dip their toes into the river, but it is not safe to swim and people stay close to the shore. Mother’s lay their picnic blankets out and spend lazy afternoons here.

Ducks live in the brush, and seem to have a pretty sweet life along the banks of the blue Danube although today it was more a grey green colour. In some spots homeless people too have followed the ducks advice and camp out along the shaded banks trying to find a breeze in the 37° heat of summer.

This side, the Buda side, is shaded, while across on the Dunakeszi side there is full sun and sun bathers speckle the shore across from Római Part.

Motor boats and seadoos run up and down weaving in between kayaks and canoes. The river is wide and there is room for everyone to enjoy traditional water sports here.

You can rent a bike, a boat, and even scooters here and take a trip up or down the river for the day either on the water or along the flat paths.

It was my first time here, and I cannot believe that so close to our new is a little getaway that makes you feel like you are in another country, far away from the city. It is such a peaceful little spot; we are sure to be back this summer.


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