Bike Riding the Canal du Midi – 40 Before 40

Bike from Capestang to Poilhes
Eva in front of Les Platanes our home
Eva in front of Les Platanes our home


Since moving to southern France, we have pointed many tourists to the Canal du Midi for a relaxing bike ride along the shady tree covered path, where you make your own breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Except one problem… I never did it before today!

Another tick? off my 40 before 40 list, Alfonz and I celebrate our last day without the children home for summer break, by doing something the children could not do with us. We rode to the neighbouring village of Poihles for lunch in this 40-degree heat and back home to Capestang.

Alfonz made a few videos. The cicadas were so loud; often we could not hear each other talking one bike length apart. The birds sang along route, the trees rustled in the wind and when canal boats passed by, I found myself waving to them just like a tourist.

We made our way to Les Platanes restaurant in Poihles to enjoy a fresh traditional lunch. For starters, I had onion soup and Alfonz had caramelized apples on top of fois gras. His tasted like apple pie/duck liver. Two of our favourite things and an unlikely combination, but both of us thought it were a winning blending, nevertheless.

Alfonz’s main was a seafood medley and I ordered meatballs baked with white beans in a tomato sauce and we shared a chocolate mousse, which I did not really share at all. For 34€, it was not a bad price for our last duet until summer’s end.

We road back to the Capestang square, to enjoy a coffee with our friends and then rode home in time for a swim before the children came home from their last day at school.

We now wait for our new tenants to arrive for the weekend.

It is such a lovely experience. Slow down your pace; grab a bike and cycle along the Canal du Midi. Things become clear when you are moving. The best thoughts come to me when I am outside.

That’s Hamori!

We made it to Poilhes
We made it to Poilhes

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