New Year’s Resolutions 2013

What do you see?
What do you see?

Like this photo, when you visualize the course of your immediate future, what do you see on the horizon?

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

It is the season for vowing to stop smoking, lose ten pounds and stop yelling at your kids. Do resolutions work for you?

Here is my list…

Finish My Book 

I had a hard time finding the ending to our book on our travel adventures. How can I find an ending to something I have just begun? It took a long time to feel that the journey, moving to Europe to find a B&B in France was worth it. It was a long time for me to truly believe in my ideas about Time Currency. When it finally happened my ending was clear. I needed not just an ending but my happy ending.  With the rough copy done, I am left with the editing. It should be done by spring.

Refine ESL Class

I love teaching children through song and play. The kids love the class too. I want to expand to two, one hour classes a week, plus private tutoring for teens. It is a good source of income, that I feel passionate about it.

40 before 40 blog

I have made a list of 40 things I wish to do and see before my birthday December 14th 2013. They are all travel related. Visit our post 40 before 40 for the complete list.

Learn French

Once a part of the French system, as new residents the government offers French lessons in Beziers. We hope by early January we can take advantage of this offer and both learn French properly.


My hair suffers terribly in the southern winds, hard water and chlorine pool. I want to leave my hair alone for one year to see what it does; good, bad and ugly. I pray, that miraculously, my hair reveals its true nature. Still not grey, I will go back to the basics and grow it out.

I also want to master the second day of unwashed hair. I want to learn how to put my hair up and get an extra day before washing. You would think nearing forty I would have mastered my own hair by now, but sadly I have not.


Our garden needs some work. Especially with guests throughout spring and summer, the first impression should be a pretty one. I plan to put some  flowers in the pots and grow some herbs and veggies in the beds on the side of the house. A small garden dose not mean no garden.


Stay on track with exercise is always a necessity and reaching 40 this year makes it more important than ever. I want to look great for my 40th birthday and after.

Patience With Homework

Angelina learns like I do. I read it, I know it. She tests well with little effort. Daniel is different. He moves while he learns and gets sidetracked, bored and talks endlessly. He has a million questions and what takes an hour to explain to him usually takes half the time to other kids. Once he gets it, it’s in there forever, and comes up with brilliant ideas and thoughts. But to get there, makes me crazy.

I get frustrated with him and sadly, loose my temper. I want to be able to help Daniel with his homework and not get angry. I need to find a way to calm my inner voice and just be. Although I have improved since last year and especially since we stopped homeschooling, I still wish to remain perfectly calm during the process. This resolution is mainly for Daniel as other people do not seem to get this reaction from me.

Make Time To Write

The rule is 1000 words each day without fail. Somedays I write more and give myself a little break, but usually I stick to the rule. I am also editing 1000 words each day as a new rule for 2013. Not as fun for me, but a priority reguardless.

Write A Cookbook

I have compiled all my favourite recipes with pictures for my family that I wish to publish by year’s end. This is mainly to preserve what has been passed down generation to generation in our lineage. Nagymama would be happy to know some of her recipes will be here for the next generations.


We bought the children a piano to take lessons on, and I find myself trying very hard to learn the left hand properly. Having an accordion background, I did not learn the piano bass clef. It is another goal for 2013 to at least know a few songs to fake it until I make it.


Resolutions for me help me stay on track. A goal list provides accountability to your plan. Although last year a few of my goals changed, for whatever reason, I stuck to the majority of them.

Last Year’s Resolutions 2012: (Follow the link for a more detailed version of last year’s list)

Drink more wine √

I encourage people to learn about what they are drinking. It really is a science and we slowly absorb some of our new culture.

Eat More Cheese √

I have tried close to a hundred new cheeses this year.

Walk √

I try to walk whenever possible but have also taken to riding my bike sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Teach X

Sadly our bird Perry died, so I did not have the chance to teach him to talk. His female partner is not capable. I fell short on this resolution.

Learn √

Our French is coming along, still a long way to go, but the kids are doing well.

Explore √X

We did not get to all the places on our list, last year but that is ok. We had a crazy first year in France with renovations and starting a new life. The items are rolling over onto my 40 before 40 blog.

Ride √

I will not be learning to ride a motorbike; instead I have managed after 7 years to get on the back of Alfonz’s bike again. For some reason, while I was pregnant, an instinct of self-preservation came over me each time I was clutching my husbands back. Now that the children are older, I have managed to climb on the seat and again put my life in Alfonz’s hands without fear. Once we are more settled I will have a moped.

Start & Complete Something New √

There is a need for ESL classes in our area and I have taken on a few classes to teach conversational English to children through song and play. I am brand new to teaching, but find it very rewarding. Originally I wanted to take the TESOL course, but have been informed by the Pole Emploi that a native speaker is what people insist on as they do not recognize training from outside France.

Finish what you have Started √

I have completed the rough draft of our narrative adventure book based on our blog. 267 pages are ready for the third edit. Come spring it should be ready for self-publishing on Amazon.

Cook √

I have enjoyed learning French cuisine. More to follow, I am certain.

Happy New Year to my family and friends both online and throughout the world!

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