Strawberry Moon

Full moon Friday Summer solstice



strawberry moon
full moon









These photos were taken up by Sunnyside Park the night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, here in White Rock, BC. The strawberry moon turns up 3 times in 100 years. It lasts 100 minutes, and the central eclipse, when the moon passed through the centre of the earth’s shadow, will not happen again until June 27th 2018.

Ancient tribes named it the strawberry moon for the early June Strawberry harvest. In Europe it is called the Rose Moon. It has a pinkish glow. I’ve seen pictures of the moon glowing red from different positions in the world.

Considering we don’t have the optimal location for viewing, I think these pictures with our new Canon Powershot turned out pretty amazing! It has 30X the zoom.

Many people missed this amazing natural occurrence, overshadowed by the Vancouver Riots on playoff night. Too bad really. It was spectacular!



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