Ten Steps to your Carry-on Bag

Travel light, the payoff is more time
Travel light and reap the rewards
travel light - carry-on
A carry-on bag is all you need! My large camera bag + my purse, for a working trip and 5 days of clothes

How to Pack Your Carry-On Bag in 10 Easy Steps

I travel light. And a carry-on bag is all you really need.

#1 Check the weather forecast

By planning your trip in advance, you can foresee what you might classify as necessities on your travels, and not over pack items, in the group ‘just in case’. Leave those items behind. Anything you honestly need, you can always buy.

#2 Small Camera

In the world of high-tech, our cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and often our telephones are perfect for personal travel photos to create lasting memories. Unless you are a professional, I suggest leaving the bulky camera at home, and replace with a smaller, lighter one.

#3 iPad instead of MAC

If being online is a must to stay connected, either again, use your telephone with a foreign SIM card or bring your iPad instead of your Laptop or MAC. Saves room, and honestly you are supposed to be enjoying your vacation, not spending time on Facebook!

#4 Travel Sized

Make-up items and toiletries are best in travel size or better yet, buy them once you arrive. By saving the precious space in your bag for more important items, you can utilize your space and still have room to spare for souvenirs.

#5 One Pair of Versatile Shoes, and skip the accessories

I know this seems crazy to the women that love to change their shoes with every outfit. But honestly, no one will remember your shoes from your vacation, but you will remember your adventures, and travelling light makes you far more mobile, and you can hit the ground running instead of waiting for your bags at the terminal.

In the winter I prefer runners, usually Nike’s with support not Converse because they are flat on the bottom. In the summer, I choose a pair of durable leather sandals that are comfortable to walk in. Birkenstocks are perfect.

As for accessories, leave them at home. If you feel it is a must, bring something that looks good with everything.

#6 FIVE is the Magic Number for Underwear

I find on a two-week vacation, 5 pairs of underwear is the magic number. I rinse them out in the sink and hang them to dry along route, along with other items that seem necessary to reuse. One bra is good for me too, and not the padded variety but the simple thin material ones that dry quickly.

I buy quick dry clothes for travel, the kind you buy in the better recreation stores that you can wash in the sink with soap, and hang to dry during the night. I find these items not only easy to clean during our travels but they also can roll to fit in your carry-on bag easily.

#7 Travel Light with Wrinkle-free Clothing

There are thousands of items especially made for travelling. Lycra/cotton blends that look great right out of the carry-on. Skirts are a must, as they look dressier in case you do go somewhere fancier for dinner. Also, shorts, jeans and T-short with sandals are comfortable and breathable items, perfect for the active traveller.

#8 Layer Your Outerwear

Long sleeved and vests are best, easily stored or tie around your waste. Depending on where you go.

#9 Make Good Use From Your Purse or Secondary Bag

For men, make sure you utilize this second carry-on bag, by placing your essentials in them. A backpack is perfect for your passports, wallets, books, electronics etc. I like the kind that swings over my shoulder when I travel, and when we go on day trips, I place my camera, and all valuables in them, never leaving them at the apartment of hotel.

I spend the most time organizing my purse, and the children’s knapsacks especially when I travel with my family. In them are the essential items incase of illness, and boredom, along with the irreplaceable items. Sunscreen, hand cream and the like, I buy when we land. No point in bringing them from home, when you can buy them everywhere, and leave them before you leave. I like to give to fellow travellers just before we leave a place.

*** When you are travelling with little ones, I suggest bringing enough diapers for the flight, and buying items on the other end. You can bring your stroller and the cabin crew will have it waiting for you when you depart the plane. Utilize your child’s carry-on with the necessities they may need, small diaper creme, children’s tylenol, snacks (buy juice and water after check-in), sippy cup or bottles.

#10 What to Bring

Carry-on bag measurements;

Most restrictive Airline RyanAir: One cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms may be carried per passenger.

Most Lenient Air France – Size: 21.5×13.5″x10″ (46 linear inches) – Weight: 26lbs or 12 kilos

Summer: five pairs of underwear, one bra, one light cargos or lycra three-quarter pants, two pairs of shorts, one skirt, one long sleeve shirt or cardigan, two tank tops, two T-shirts, one Pajama, and bikini with a bikini cover.

Winter and fall; five pairs of underwear, five pairs of socks, one bra, two pairs of pants, one long sleeve shirt, one tank top, two t-shirt, one sweater, and one pair of pajamas and one trusted pair of shoes that I will wear with every outfit. I always wear a vest in the winter, over my jacket.

Wear your jacket on the flight, even if it is around your waste and save the room in your pack. Sometimes, when I travel with my Canon Rebel 3 camera, I will use my camera bag as my purse place my normal purse items in there. This will go by my feet during the flight, and my carry-on luggage is above my head.

How to travel light
dishevelled hair, jeans and T-shirt, comfy shoes and a camera bag slung around my shoulders

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