Top Ten Things To Pack With Carry-On

travel light - carry-on
a carry-on bag is all you need
packing for scotland from France
Visiting Scotland

Angelina and I are taking Ryanair to Edinburgh for three nights and four days at the end of this month, and the question keeps coming up, how do we pack everything we need in our carry-on bag?

We are determined to get everything we need into our two carry-on bags, and be clothed properly for the cooler climates of Scotland in September.

#1- Wear the Heaviest Clothing to and from your Destination

This reminds me of the reality TV program Amazing Race when they think they are last on a leg of the race, so they wear as much clothing as possible thinking they would be stripped of all their belongings and money for coming in last. Using this train of thought, Angelina and I wear our heaviest jacket on the plane, with her pockets full of stuff to entertain her. Mine only has a phone. I have seen people sew in their laptop into their jacket liner to be able to bring it on a restrictive Ryanair flight.

#2- Jeans are Universal

No matter where you go or what you do, jeans are the sure, always looks good clothes item that suits any occasion. We wear jeans to travel.

#3- One Sweater Rule

You never know what the weather will be, bring a sweater

#4- Same Thing Home

I like this rule. Wear the same thing while travelling. When on the plane wear your jeans, jacket, shoes, your extra scarf, gloves, whatever you would travel to walk to the store in, and then you will be set for your return as well. This makes it easy, and you will wear everything twice.

#5- Underwear

So far our carry-on is empty. Lets think of changes of clothes. Underwear. Three nights means three undies and socks. One good bra for me that I can rinse out. Angelina needs the same, an undershirt in place of bra, and voila.

#6- Pajamas

Comfy PJ’s for my girl is a must, but I can sleep in my first day’s shirt and a pair of boxers. I can always borrow from my sister’s wardrobe a robe to lounge in, or simply get dressed in the am. So for me PJ are not a must.

#7- Wear everything Twice

One extra pair of pants, one extra shirt

#8- One pair of good walking shoes

No matter where you go, think durable and tourist. For Angelina a universal pair of high boots that go with each of her outfits is perfect. I decided on a pair of boots too, that looks great with a dress and tights, or skinny jeans.

#9 Make good use of your Purse and Knapsack
Angelina has books and toys to keep her busy, and I have my camera, wallet, passport and all the bits and pieces that make up my daily life, in mine. When I look at our bags, they are only 1/2 full, so we fill the rest up with French souvenirs for my sister and her Scottish family, to be replaced with souvenirs for mine.

#10 Don’t Stress
Anything that you honestly forgot can be purchased. Unless you are going to Nunavut or some other obscure isolated part of the world, I am sure they have an H&M, places to buy shampoo, condition and hand cream.

I hope this helps, as I know the first few times I travelled, I would max out the allowances and latter feel bogged down with stuff. Honestly, travelling lighter is a sign of an experienced traveller. You will never remember what you wore on your trip, so try focusing on comfort and travel appropriate clothing, that will save time unpacking and wearing without much worry.

travel light - carry-on
a carry-on bag is all you need
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