2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 Resolutions eat right
2015 Resolutions eat right
Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! May you find peace and love in every moment in the new year.

It is that time of year again to make your resolutions list. So many people forget about their goals come Easter, but the best thing to do is keep your list in sight on the refrigerator to see it everyday until all your resolutions are achieved.

Last year for me was about firming up business ventures. It was about finding healing after my hysterectomy and entering the next phase of my life with complete acceptance. To lead my life with focus and determination to succeed. To complete tasks long over due. And to love my kids and husband no matter what obstacles we face, just knowing that there is nothing we cannot face together as a team. I hope 2015 brings prosperity and some strength to our life in France.

2015 Resolutions

Learn French
Learn French

#1 Learn French

Learning a new language is really hard! No like really really hard. I have a private tutor, an online teacher, friends that talk to me every single day and Duolingo to help me along online. I hope to bring my French up to passable level. I am tired of not understanding or only understanding about 65% of what is going on around me. I am determined and spending at least 4 hours a day on this goal. This is the year I will become fluent in French!




Publish my book
Publish my book

#2 Publish My Book

Still haven’t published my book and this has been on my goal list for two years. I am now thinking about combining my two books; Eating Foie Gras In My Toque and My Expat Life Series into one and publish them together. I love the way it is developing. It is not just about completing the book anymore, it is also about keeping up the enthusiasm once it is done to find a way to let the world read it. This is the tricky part, and something I wasn’t counting on being difficult. But… Nothing in the world easy is ever worth doing. 

Find en Editor
FInd an Editor







#3 Find a North American editor/publicist  

It is still my dream to be a writer. More so one that gets paid on a regular basis. I am searching for an editor who publishes in North America to help me realize my dream. I know I have work to do, and right now my passion outweighs my skill, yet I hold on to the idea that the more I write the better I will get at writing.








#4 Travel Goals 

Morocco is my only travel goal for this year. We will most likely be travelling back and forth to Hungary with our rental business, and that makes Alfonz very happy and in turn that makes me the happiest of all. It was his hope to go more often to Hungary once we moved here. And with Héviz a probable twin village for Capestang, Alfonz will most likely help firm up those connections for our mayor as well.

to stay focussed
Stay focussed









#5 Stay Focused 

I have been finding it very hard to stay focussed on one business over another. We have lots of balls in the air, in between three countries no less and it makes it hard to stay on task. I feel pulled between France, Hungary and Canada. France and Hungary are both new to me and I love them both but when I am here in our downtown Budapest apartment I dream of my life in Capestang, and when I am in Capestang, I dream of big city conveniences. I want both businesses to bloom, and be open to new opportunities (like in Canada) but sometimes it feels overwhelming to always be open to new things. I understand the exhaustion of starting over which I couldn’t comprehend before. I need to bite off a little less before I chew.








#5 Energy and Weight Loss

I have realized my goals of weight loss, and now I search for energy. I knew as I age my energy would fall, but when you start off at hyperactive and slow to normal, it feels awful. How do people live like this? That puts healthy lifestyle back on my list year after year. I want to make cycling during the day and yoga in the evenings a daily activity. I love to walk and when we have students I am always eager and willing to keep up with the kids during their activities. I promise myself to keep at it even when the students are not there. Oh and to drink more water, to counteract my wine intake!

Eva Paris France
Eva Paris France












#6 Take Time on Appearance 

Before I leave the house, I promise myself to check my teeth for food, run a brush through my hair, and maybe even check to see if my clothes are clean. I have managed to let my wardrobe slip, and this year I have invested in a few expensive pieces and a new line of clothes from the US called Angelrox  I bought myself a few staples in hopes that I put my overall appearance back on my list. I stopped colouring my hair, but I think I went off the other side of the horse and stopped combing it too.  Now I need to find a balance between my age, feeling comfortable in sweatpants, and my own personal style. I want to look classic, and polished, and still feel comfortable in my clothes. I hope this is my year for not leaving the house without eye makeup and to wear my goshdarn glasses so I can get used to them and actually see. Here goes, a little time for myself carved out each day. 10 minutes more to my routine won’t make or break the day.

Eva & Alfonz Canadian Expats in France
Eva & Alfonz Canadian Expats in France















#7 Support the family

Something tells me that this is going to be Alfonz’s year. He has already completed his TESOL and now is starting another accreditation here in France. I love how he is finding the things that make him happy, like his new dirt-bike and riding with his friends, and taking the time to develop his wine tour business. I will support him as I always do and he does for me. But I will also take up some of the slack at home. I want to focus on my home, change a few things to let in the light, and a few colours to make it my own. When we moved here we were on a tight budget and I then said I will make do. But now I want a few things to make myself more comfortable. A large organizing unit is coming this week for the sunroom for all the linens and the extra pillows and such. I want to rip off the wallpaper in the house this year and paint everything a light yellow, and lastly I want to move the outside drying line toward the house to open up the path to the pool. Little things that don’t cost much, but are more labour intensive. I will find the time in between students and before the wine touring season begins.

Last year’s 2014 resolutions

We just didn’t have the time to actively find an editor, after two dozen rejection letters, we decided to wait until next year. I did have two promising letters from publishing companies that loved the book, but they just didn’t have the budget this year. Maybe next year!

  1. Strive for Perfection √ I want to take time to finish tasks not just mediocre but to the best of my abilities no matter what I am doing.
  2. Slow Down √ I need to take in what I am experiencing. Slow down to smell the roses.
  3.  Publish My Book, well I was published in a book, donated a chapter to another and I am working on My Expat Life Series which will combine both books to one. 
  4.  Singing√ Although I have spent far more time on singing, it was never on the choir songs. I love my new Karaoke machine and practice often.√
  5.  Pick Mastery – Still haven’t found something I want to go back to school for but I did finish my TESOL accreditation√ I am trying to achieve a new level to cooking homemade.
  6. My Expat Life Series √ I am writing a series about what other expats are doing in the Languedoc for work. I find this very interesting!
  7. Fitness Lifestyle√ I am consistently on the move, and regulating my food intake. This will be an ongoing resolution.
  8. Camera √ We are learning more and more about photography and finally bought an editing program√ Alfonz and I are doing this together!
  9. Taking my Municipal Counsel role seriously √ Yes my friend Pierre Polard won the election and I am taking my Jumelage and International Relations role very seriously. I am enjoying the whole process.

One final thing, if you fail on your resolutions I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. I have to hand it to people that make a list at all, to recognise that there is always room to improve and to at least try. It is a step in the right direction. New year’s resolutions are not stupid, it is making a list that you are accountable for, in fact every successful person I know makes lists!

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