A few things that make you go hmmm?


There is this time in between my dreams and being awake, that I feel that I can control the outcome of my life, just by controlling my dreams.

Do you ever have this?

For me it normally right before my alarm clock goes off…

It is during this time I think about strange little things… like…

How much I love the way Hungarians say goodbye. On the telephone, they say goodbye until you hang up, it is so very cute and nothing I have ever experienced in other countries.

Friends kiss on the cheek when they meet and when they say goodbye. But not like in France where you kiss everyone, nope just good friends and family!

If you visit a home for the first time, bring a plant, if you visit a second time, bring wine, coffee or chocolates, but never go empty handed!

If you go for lunch, bring dessert, Hungarian do not customarily drink during lunch.

Hungarians like to think they invented everything good and that every amazing scientist or mathematician is Hungarian. Funny thing, they are usually right!  The first horse drawn carriage, the ball point pen, the nuclear bomb (3 or 5 on the task) although destructive also a huge feat, Rubik’s Cube, Prezi presentations, IT and communication systems, palm scanner, soda water machine, binoculars, carburettor, first helicopter…

Also Hungarian like to think that the most beautiful women in the world are Hungarian. This came from the war years and after communism when Hungary was the most Westernized of the Western bloc. Woman had access to meat, cheese and coffee while other countries were starving. The women, although I agree are very beautiful yet they were simply healthier than the rest giving the widespread thinking that Hungary was the place to find a beautiful wife.  It still rings true for many men around the world, even now where countries, borders and people are starting to look more alike than different.

Lastly Never, ever talk politics with a Hungarian. Politics is a very taboo topic.

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