buying a house in Budapest
Our new house

Alfonz and Daniel went to wash the my car. A huge truck past by on the highway and splashed me with dirty brown runoff water, and my car was a disaster. Those of you who know Alfonz well, knows he likes things clean and tidy, so off we went to wash my car with Daniel.

Angelina and I noticed that the weather was warming up, and we could hear many birds in the trees and decided to adventure out in the garden.

I took the garage key for the first time and opened it up after many tries to grab the clippers and start pruning some trees and bushes back.

I noticed that after the subliminal weather, the first day of pulse temperatures the buds were already eager to grow. I was cutting back nearly dead branches next to sprouting baby ones right next to them.

The moles were up too, pushing piles of dirt up in our yard between patches of snow left from winter. Overnight it felt like spring had sprung.

I took a closer look at my fig tree, and realized it needed a good pruning, and without any knowledge on how to prune a giant fig tree, I started to hack away at the dead branches and suckers until Alfonz caught me.

There is method to my madness!  He then took the clippers right out of my hands and finished the job to classic Alfonz perfection! He didn’t stop at the tree either, he trimmed back our evergreens to let in the sunlight through the windows in the mornings, and what a difference it made.

Because he was working so hard for me, I decided to get my bum in the kitchen to work hard for him too! I made a pork roast in the oven for dinner, marinated in brown sugar, spices and herbs. I served it with rice pilaf and classic Hungarian spinach stew. Alfonz likes it blended into tiny pieces and I like it bigger pieces of spinach, and it was my turn to make it like I want it! It was so good!

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