Building from scratch a family home with full views on Balaton Lake in Hungary


As some of you already know from our Facebook pages, Alfonz has started a new project in Hungary, building and renovating properties.

It all started when we saw our house, 75% built left standing for years after a divorce left the previous owners in a terrible position. They always say, location, location, location! Solymar is spectacular! Stunning mountains surround us; fresh air, green spaces, friendly neighbours and close to the city. No one wanted to take on such a large project, and the township viewed the property as incomplete so no one could get a mortgage on this place either. So we swooped in and bought the enormous house, and Alfonz took the next 6 weeks to get it ready to move in, which was nothing short of a freakin miracle! Another 6 months later he finished the project, and got our new home exactly the way we envisioned it. I have never lived in such a beautiful home, and often tell Alfonz it is like living in a fairytale, or on a permanent vacation with luxurious creature comforts and quality building materials. I am very proud of my husband for making it happen while I was working at my new job as an English teacher in the kid’s private school.

Then we decided to sell our beloved apartment after 11 years of living in it, renting it through Airbnb and loving it in the seventh district. This home was a three story walk-up, with all the details of the 19th century; vaulted ceilings and big windows, wooden floors. When we renovated this place in 2007 we did it for our family to have a place to call home when visiting Hungary. It was a very tough decision to make as so many family memories went along with that home. The kids had been going there their entire lives, sleeping in those beds, knowing the streets as if it were their backyard. But we did sell it, moved to Solymar and from that came Alfonz’s investment business.

When the property adjacent his cousin’s Balaton home went up for sale, Alfonz and his cousin’s husband decided to purchase it together and they started to create the blueprints on their first project together. They spent hours developing the concept, drawing up the plans and then having them executed by a 3D company to construct the virtual build. It turned out amazing, a creation between two very intense creative minds with wills of steel and crystal clear vision. They wanted it versatile, comfortable but uber modern. The type of place that reeks style and cutting edge creation. They wanted the design to be the main feature, and with the influence from our home in Canada, and the art background from the cousin, together they created something truly unique and very special.

It is now FOR SALE! The new build duplex is only 1 hour from Budapest, situated in a quiet part of Balatonalmádi – Káptalanfüred. This is the town where we vacation every year. We love the little restaurants and shops, makes for a nice day out, or taking the bikes down to the sailing club at the bottom of the hill where our cousin’s boat is. The town people are friendly, the sailing club is in the perfect location for those wanting to moor their sailboat.

Its location, well it is only steps from the forest going up the hill, and just a few minutes walk to the beach below. The perfect location sets this home apart from anything on the market today as most of these treasured plots of land were bought up years ago!

The tasteful design and thoughtful placement of the building on this nearly 900m2 corner property, offers single family home like privacy with private parking and full breathtaking lake views! Each unit is 100m2, offering 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on each floor with reversible air-conditioning and gas heating for maximum comfort all year round. Many people do not know how amazing the lake is in the winter. You can skate on the lake some colder years, and the snow covered views are equally as pretty. Makes for lovely place to have Christmas too.

Upstairs, the open concept kitchen/living room will take you onto a large deck to enjoy the spectacular views and experience your true lakeside outdoor living! Summer is hot in Hungary, and to have the breezes off the lake is simply lovely.

Construction is planned to start in the spring of 2019 and to be finished by the spring of 2020. (Early bird buyers will have the opportunity to purchase both units or the complete project.) If you purchase the property while they are building you get to chose your colours, and materials to add in those personal touches to make your house a home.

For more information please follow the link:

A little update, it sold instantly, complete project with land before it even started to be built. The new owners decided on a single family dwelling, modified the blueprints and are already living in it as of 2021.

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