Budapest Top Twenty Things to do with Kids

Daniel and Sohane during a student activity

Are you in Budapest with children and wondering what you should do? Well you are in luck! I have compiled a list of the top twenty things to do with children in and around Budapest!

Our family runs a language summer homestay program and our activities for our students are so varied that everyone can surely find something they love to do over here in Budapest during vacation.

An example of a typical week.

We may have an entire day on Lake Dorog and then the next day we can go for a few hour hike in the forest behind our house. Maybe we take an hour horseback riding adventure along the trails, then go to the local bath. The children always love the tree climbing adventure park and also the downtown core for a little shopping.

It really depends on the physical levels of your children.

Top Twenty

CAVES in Budapest from Budapest . com 

1014 Budapest, I. Országház u.16.
T-S: 10:00-18:00

Recently opened to the public, this section of the labyrinth cave system has very deep man-made cellars. It was used as a battle station and a storage facility by the Germans in WWII. Guided tours are available in English and German.

We recently tried this and the children loved it! It is located on Buda Hill in the castle district, and the entire walk through was about 45 minutes. The kids loved the pitch black section where you hold a rope and guide yourself through. The theme was Dracula so the kids found themselves scaring each other.

1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 162.
T-S: 10:00-16:15
from 1200 HUF/person

The dripstone-rich cave, the longest one in the Buda Hills and the third longest in the country, is a highly protected natural preservation area since 1944. Its length exceeds 7,200 meters; the vertical dimension is 104 m. The temperature is a constant 11 Celsius, so dress up well, bring hiking boots and expect to climb ladders.


1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 35.
T-S: 10:00-16:00
from 1000 HUF/person

The cave, currently explored in a length of 2200 meters, and placed under increased protection, is one of the most valuable natural treasures of Budapest. It contains several spacious passages. It offers a variety of spectacular forms, and is richly ornamented with mineral precipitations. Visitors can tour about the hiking route of about 250 meters on …



Mammut Bowling 

We normally go bowling at the Mammut Shopping Centre in the II district. It is located on the second floor, and offers bowlers a very pleasant experience. A relatively new bowling alley, they have competitive hourly rates, great food and new smooth game worthy bowling balls. The alleys are straight and the ball goes where you throw it! The staff is amazing and are highly professional.

Hiking behind our house in the Pilis Mountain range.  

We take the students hiking often on the famous pilgrim trail that is located in the forest right behind our home in Solymár. These offer shaded treks up and over the mountain under the protection of giant evergreen trees. Some people take the well known Budapest to Santiago trail

Biking Same trails different route, Alfonz likes to take the more active students on a two hour mountain bike adventure.

Labyrinth of Buda Castle

An interesting tour of the labyrinth below the Buda Castle, great for kids and always a pleasure to visit. Connected caves made into the Dracula theme adventure.



I know not everyone agrees that zoos are the best  for animals. In the past, it was very true with animals living in tiny cages, on limited food supplies and without regulations for zookeepers to treat them humanely. These circumstances left many animals in bad living conditions throughout the world. But the new template for zoos follow open air concepts whenever possible, bringing the standards up where the animals are enjoying their natural simulated environments. Many animals are from other zoos, born in captivity or saved in the wild after an injury and nursed back to health. Some have release programs in place whenever possible and others a retirement program at the zoo. I personally love visiting to see animals I would not be able to see in the wild. As a family we visit often and we all have our favourites. We love going at dusk and dawn when the animals are the most active. We always manage to see are happy animals, many who have lived for generations in their habitats that we visit year after year.

Budapest Zoo

Veszprem Zoo


Westend Skating

Szent Endres





Underground metro


Accrobranche/ tree climbing adventures


Balaton Lake

Skating Torokbalint lake

Roman Baths

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