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packing for scotland from France
Visiting Scotland

Scotland Plane ViewBravehearthaggis Dear Sis,

I know ‘hee haw’ about Scotland and no real ‘scooby’ what I am in for. After a ‘cuppa’ with whiskey of course I only pray I don’t end up in a ‘stooky’ with some ‘boggy’ hen, in a ‘minging’ bathroom somewhere. I’ll be there at the back of five, and hope we have time to pick up our messages and that Scotland won’t be too ‘Baltic’ coming from the south of France. Love Eva x

Let’s start by saying, Scotland to me before stepping foot in the country was your stereotypical view.

In my head, Scotland is exactly like Braveheart, although I do know better. I just hoped my sister’s new clan were weapon-yielding people in dirty kilts with painted blue faces. Short of this, disappointing…

Ciamar a tha thu? I brush up on my Gaelic. I figure after learning three languages, what’s one more. Furthermore, with only eighteen letters in their alphabet how hard could it be to learn the language on the two-hour plane ride?

Is Haggis an animal or a food? Numerous people try to trick me to believe that Haggis is an animal that they hunt. Come on people, I wasn’t born yesterday. We have Scots in Canada, and I was occasionally force-fed Haggis at staff meetings when my boss at the time made it for his employees. Great memories? Not so much! The only thing worse than the idea of eating innards stuffed in a sheep’s belly, is eating them cold, all the while smiling, while your boss is deciding to promote you or not. Even the best Haggis will trigger this uncomfortable memory and I’ll end up rocking back in forth with thumb in mouth. At least Nathan (my baby nephew) and I will have something in common.

I expect at least half the people in Edinburgh Scotland to be ginger or red headed. Anything short of this will not do.

Lastly, I expect whiskey in the morning, as mouthwash and my new brother-in-law Garry, must carry a caber. Just saying… That’s Me!


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