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TESOL complete
TESOL TEFL course complete
My Next Step TESOL Training Course online certification
My Next Step TESOL Training Course online certification

Another tick off my goal list!

I am methodical creature, not sure why, but I am. Even my memories line up in chronological order to sift through at will. It is strange to people that don’t function that way, so I’m told, but I have no idea how other people’s brains work.

I wanted to do this for so long and thought, who has got the time. As luck has it, I do. While the earth thaws and tourists plan vacations to southern France, I learn the skills and find the confidence to teach my English Second Language class more efficiently.

I had 4 students last year and have six this year. The joy I get from seeing them improve week after week has prompted me to take the next step. If all goes well, I may take another. Then another. I have a natural curiosity to find what works with each child and love to incorporate the hands on learning that I love so much about the Montessori program I was heavily involved in back home in Canada.

Both my kids are Montessori children, and often I ask myself why on earth did we chose to teach them to think for themselves and be so independent. They question everything and sometimes I don’t feel like answering the million questions they come up with each and every day. So far my kids have not been stifled of their love of learning, even after being in the very academic French system.

Here we strive for balance, weighed out with loads of family fun activities and as Alfonz and I travel the world we drag them along. They may not thank us, but we do it anyway. Sharing different cultures, exploring new languages and discovering the beauty of the world; is something our family embraces. Why on earth is the world so big and beautiful if we weren’t meant to explore it?

Teachers spend the most time with my children. It is the most important job next to mine and the relationship between teacher and student can be vital in the long term. I take care of the emotional end of things while teachers take care of the academic. One bad teacher can break your child’s love of learning.

My children push me to be the best I can be, and having them has made me a better person.

My goal for this year is to find something to master. It will take me years to master anything, but perhaps this is a start. As an example to my children, I want them to see their mom as courageous. I want them to know not just feel that anything is truly possible if they want it bad enough. If going back to school in my forties does that, my work is done.

Our client over the weekend suggested this course to me, she had already checked the credentials and authenticity of the program. The next day I signed up. Thank-you Ellison!

160 hours ahead of me of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.



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HERE I GO, a new beginning,

Wish me luck!

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