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I have an eye for business! It’s true. I can find money in things that others often overlook. I can see the way to profitability with prolific innovative ideas.

Whenever I see something that not only makes money sense but also hits the nail on the head with customer service; I feel a need to shout it from the roof tops. However my new roof if awfully steep, so today I will blog about this little business I found in Budapest that I LOVE!!

Here is how I found them

Just before we filmed the TV series House Hunters International I decided I needed to try to rid my hair of that weird orange / yellow tinge from the water here in Hungary. I am not sure what elements have made my hair change colour so drastically or if it is early menopause symptoms with hormone imbalance or perhaps the hair dyes here off the shelf are not full strength, but I couldn’t lift my hair to blonde since arriving to Hungary.

I needed professional help!!

Desperate to find myself a good hairdresser, and Alfonz tired of hearing me bitch and complain about my weird hair colour; he finally looked online, found the nearest beauty salon and booked an appointment for me.


The next day, with a great deal of Hamori luck; I found Réka. She fixed my hair and gave me a cute little style that looks great both straight and curly, which as all of us ladies with fine curly hair know, is miraculous. I love it!

In the same beauty salon was another lady working the nail table. Her name is Vera. I thought, heck I am already here! She gave me a super quick manicure and painted my nails using gel nail polish. No more gel extensions, this is actual polish that practically grows off. (Mine lasted three weeks the first time I did it!)

While I was there, I noticed that all the girls looked the same. Same big eyelashes, same blonde hair and I asked, are you all sisters? And then Vera told me the story. Three of them were indeed sisters, and Vera a childhood friend. She had left her old job to retrain as a nail technician so she could go into business with these gals. Her husband has a textile firm here in Hungary and the Ukraine which also becomes part of this little story later on.

What do the other sisters do?

Réka does hair, Anna is in charge of their clothing line and Kata does makeup, facials, massages, plucking, and eyelashes!

Off I went thinking how lucky they are to be able to work together so closely.

The next time I called they said they were moving! They were going fulfill their childhood dream of opening a beauty salon with enough space for all of them, a little café to run and to name it THREEE using the extra e and a triangle as their symbol!


I love everything about this place. But mostly the girls. So nice and helpful.

I decided to book a full day with them and try everything out!

I first saw KATA who attacked my first set of eyelashes. I went down into her little zen space in the basement, I sat back on her comfortable chair as she carefully glued one lash meticulously at a time. I couldn’t believe how open my eyes looked after. I felt younger and very pretty indeed! How could I had lived my whole life without fake lashes is beyond me!? I wake up every morning ready to go to work; no fuss, no muss! They lasted perfectly for an entire three weeks and either you slowly let them grow out over time one by one, or you can go back for a refill after two weeks. Great invention!

Then I saw RéKA who put some dark back into my hair to give it the new tie dye look. Her and I discussed growing out my hair, so this time no cut! I was with her for one hour in total from beginning to end and she gave me a lovely straightened out style that lasted two days!

Then I visited VERA! I have had my nails now for a few months, changing my gel coated nail colour every two-three weeks. I usually cut them very short after a few weeks and let them grow out again. They are so easy, no thinking about it at all and they always look so pretty and stylish. I have had red, French manicure, light blue, and light pink! Not sure what I will get this next time, but Vera always has new colours for me to try.

Walking into THREEE on the left is a clothing rack with a row of fashionable clothes on little hangers. I decided today was the day! ANNA is in charge of this side of the business and she helped me try on the clothes! I tried on everything and ended up buying a very cute navy striped blazer and a coral pink tank top to go under it! I wear it with everything and have received so many compliments!

Vera’s husband also plays a part in the making of the clothes; so this business comes around full circle. THREEE clothes is designed by all the sisters together; they shop for the materials and out their ideas forward on the designs. I love the feel of the materials, they use high quality fabrics and for what you get, the price is right! They even have gorgeous evening wear perfect for graduation, and hair and makeup to match! Super one stop shop!

And the girls’ mother runs the café portion of THREEE! Today I even saw fresh croissants, cake and yummy things to go with our coffee. She looks just like the little blondies running around here just a wee bit older. I enjoy their cappuccino the most while I get my hair and nails done!

Address: Máriaremetei út 116.
1028 Budapest, Hungary

Telephone# (30) 664 4449Celebrate women in business! And the fact is that this one’s run by three lovely ladies who I am more than happy to recommend to my fellow expats!

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