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A little YouTube video on the event!

Closing in on the one-year anniversary of the Graffiti Jam held in Capestang last April, I thought it fitting to tell you about the cool event we were not here for.

Walking through Capestang, there’s graffiti painted along the drainage system throughout the village. Sides of the storm drain from the Canal Du Midi are covered in talented artwork, some tell a story, others have political statements, and all are beautifully done.

Pro Graffiti Jam, Capestang, was held April 2011, when 200 artists from Montpellier, Narbonne, Beziers, Nimes, Perpignan, Tarbe, Pau, Toulouse and as far as Barcelona, came to our little village to paint 3 kilometers of wall.

Instead of teenagers messing up the walls with logos and tags, the French government has come up with a great way to celebrate this creative art form by having artists apply for spots and come to show off their talents. And in return we get to appreciate the pictures for years to come. Some of these artists are truly gifted.

There’s one photo among this post that looks more like a photograph. The attention to detail is mind blowing, using a method that is not easy to work with as spray paint runs, and can be awkward to use as a median. Yet the artist creates a moment or impression of something real, which has more feeling than a snap shot. It is incredible, something that requires patience, and I’ll leave it to the talented.

There were DJ’s present at the grand reveal, cool clothes venders, and the town set up a festival to celebrate the event. i wish I was here for this, sounds like my kind of fun!

The result today, one year after, is a unique and refreshing collage of colors and stories along my walk through Capestang.

Enjoy the photos! I know I did!

That’s Hamori


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  1. It brings a modern artistic element and a place for young expression to a very old traditional village with families that have been here for many generations.
    It was one of my favourite things when we first moved here, and when people come stay in our rental, they get a little map of Capestang’s Walking Tour, to see the diversity.
    Thanks for posting ‘Travelyn’
    Happy and Safe Travels!

  2. Amazing how much talent is out there. the city I live in have legal graffiti where artists are invited to paint a community wall or space that needs brightening up. I like good graffiti not just the tagging thing which is destructive and boring.Luv good graffiti. Interesting post. thanks

  3. In Mexico kids chalked the sidewalks and streets. This one boy made it look like there was a huge whole you’d fall into. i watched from the cafe as people would stumble around it, it looked that real! So much talent out there, and no venue…

  4. Great photos Eva, they had a pro graffiti jam in East Harlem when we were still in NYC. Within hours of the event local crews and covered everything with their tags. I was glad I got pictures, there are some amazing artists out there.

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