Cycling path Capestang - Cruzy
La Voie Verte

La Voie Verte – Capestang – Cruzy

La Voie Verte is a 12 km long bike lane created in 2014 between Capestang and Cruzy offering pedestrians, and cyclists a safe no traffic pathway to explore the celebrated countryside of the Languedoc region. They have converted the old railway track by filling it with soil and stabilizing it to a flat, easily manageable route between de Avenue de la Gare in Capestang to the former train station in Cruzy.

This route starts on the edge of the Canal du Midi in Capestang, making it easily accessible for people wishing to divert from the canal bike path; passing near the villages of Puisserguier, Creissan and Quarante. It takes you through the vineyards and offers views of the surrounds countryside.

divert in Capestang form the canal path and tale the Voie Verte
Bike path runs along the Canal du Midi,

You can spot Château Les Carrasses among the rolling hills in the distance.

If you want to make a loop, approximately 30 km, you can continue from Cruzy through the vineyards on dirt roads, and smaller paths, but only if you are up to the challenge. Please note that you must pass over traffic routes to continue on the path. The directions are below.

Avenue de la Gare (Capestang), Aire d’arrêt traversée D16 (Capestang), Ancienne gare D16E2 (Puisserguier), Aire d’arrêt (Creissan), Grange Basse (Quarante), Traversée D184 (Quarante), Ancienne gare (Cruzy)

canal du midi cycling
Daniel riding his bike along the Canal du Midi



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