Szimpla Kert Sunday Market

Budapest Outdoor Markets
Szplakert Sunday markets

Our last Sunday after two weeks of holidays, we took the kids to Szimpla Kert, a ruin pub turned Sunday Market for lunch.

We ate a full assortment of food at the farmer’s market. There were sausages made out of Mangalitsa, the same domestic pig/wild boar cross we know from France. An organic bio baker was there selling his goods. An interesting shaped red and green grape made an appearance at a farmer’s stall, long pointy fruit that tasted as sweet as candy. We tried a local fruity red wine to pair with our goose risotto plate, still from the pot. The kids ate cheese biscuits and duck bacon, and for dessert we all had organic jam spread on grain bread.

Here at Szimpla Kert Market you will find fresh produce, jars of honey, red hot chili pepper sauces, baked goods, deli meats, big blocks of cheese, fig spreads, homemade syrups and at the very end of the ruin pub turned market, you will find two giant pots of food brewing, and sputtering sending wafts of delicious aromas into the air. This is a local favourite meet up spot, where young adults come for cheaps eats, and it is a great way to get to get to know your neighbours too.

The people who cook the hot food are made up of local journalists who come together every weekend, and sell it and put their profits towards the Szabad Föld, a free newspaper. For 800 HUF a bowl, under 3€ you really can not go wrong. The paper turns out to be little gem too, full of good information and well written articles.

Budapest Sunday market
Szimpla Kert sunday market’s Goose Risotto

This weekend they had Borscht and Goose Risotto. They serve it with big slices of potato bread~ mouth wateringly delicious!

A lovely way to end our holidays, as Alfonz starts full on construction on the Solymar house tomorrow, and hopefully it will be finished before Christmas!

Szimpla kert Sunday Market
Szimpla kert Market- local hot sauce, and I mean HOT!
Szimplakert Sunday Market
Szimpla Kert Market – Honey Bee farms

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