Pumpkin + Cake Mix = Healthy

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake
Roasted Pumpkin

What do you do with roasted pumpkin?

To roast a pumpkin cut into 4 pieces, take out the seeds and put on an oven tray with a tiny bit of water. Cook on 300 for 1 hour. I salt it a little, sometimes put sugar or honey on it. You can not mess this part up.

First we made Curry Pumpkin Soup.


  1. 2 onions,
  2. 4 garlic
  3. 4carrots
  4. 2″square piece of celery-root
  5.  2 potatoes
  6. 3 oxo cubes either vegetarian or chicken
  7. 1-3 litres roasted pumpkin (I used 1/2 a giant pumpkin)
  8. 1tables cumin
  9. 1tables coriander
  10. pepper to taste
  11. creme fresh or sour cream
  12. parsley for garnish

In  giant soup pot, sauté your onions on low until translucent, then add your garlic.

Once browned add in all the other ingredients except creme fresh and parsley. Cook about an hour and using a hand blender blend until smooth. Add in your cream and garnish and serve.


But what to do with the other 1/2 of the roasted pumpkin?

We made Pumpkin Cake!

Using cheap cake mix from the store we added 2-3 cups of roasted pumpkin and turned store bought cake into a healthy moist yummy creation.

The children helped by cracking the eggs into the bowl, the mix and pumpkin puree. We greased the pan, placed the mix in and cooked the cake as the direction on the box. 45 minutes on 180 degrees.

Daniel ate 1/2 as soon as it came out of the oven. The other half was devoured at the party. Easy, quick and a twist on an old favourite.

We used vanilla cake mix with an added tablespoon of cinnamon. We did not adjust the cake mix in the slightest. After I looked online, we realized we are not the first to think of this recipe as we thought! Boo! Not as clever as we thought… Some add in less wet ingredients but ours did not have additional ingredients other than eggs.

Good luck and let me know what cake mixes you liked the most!

Pictures to follow. Today we try it with chocolate cake mix!

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake




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