Showing Mom The Mediterranean

valrus beach
Pirate Ship Med Sea

Mom finally reaches the Mediterranean Sea. Here is a photo post of our latest adventure with my mommy, who is visiting from 100 Mile House BC Canada.

We took Mom exploring.

Since my mother arrived, Daniel got sick and with all the cuddles and Grandma time, Mom caught the stomache bug too. It took her a week to shake the illness with her jet lag plus the time change but we are happy to report she is feeling healthy and happy.

She has been here over two weeks and so far has seen; Montpellier airport, Beziers, Narbonne, Capestang and Gruissan. We plan to go back to Montpellier and show it to her properly over the next few weeks, as Daniel has a handball game coming up.

We plan to take her to Carcassonne and Barcelona during the children’s Christmas break.

Mom’s wish list consists of Paris, Barcelona and to visit her friend in Milan, Italy. Her and I may take the train and go exploring alone. She has two and half months left and it is going by awfully fast.

Mom and I have cooked: French onion soup, lentil soup and BBQ Duck Breast so far from the list of French cuisine we plan to cook together. I get my love of cooking from my mom.

Hope to update soon!

Happy and Safe Travels Canada!

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