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Happy me Guell park Barcelona, another Gaudi creation <3
Happy me Guell park Barcelona, another Gaudi creation <3

Another 40 before 40 goal is ticked off my list.

I actually think this is two separate goals.

I have been writing for BBB Midi since last year, a local Languedoc publication that lets people, like myself, share experiences with their readers. They have a fellow blogger who writes Tales from the Shop Floor as well as myself, who writes as Capestang’s Correspondent. Anything I find interesting as a new person living in France, which I feel people travelling through the area may find helpful, I send in to the magazine. Not everything I send them goes to print, but many do. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Today however I received payment for an article I have been working on for an international publication called International Living. They found our blog and asked me to write a 1000 words for their Family Focus section in their Incomes Abroad publication. I wrote about moving and starting a new life in France with children, the ups and downs, and advice I would give to others contemplating the same idea. It was interesting to work with a deadline and an editor for the first time. A process I really enjoyed. Every writer should have a good editor.

So if you see my article in the magazine by Eva HAMORI, check us out, and let us know what you think.




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