Diet Goals – Drop a Few Pounds, 40 Before 40 List

Kristen, Joel and Eva Summer Solstice fete
Kristen, Joel and Eva Summer Solstice fete
Kristen, Joel and Eva Summer Solstice fete

In France, eating is a serious art form and a national sport. – Julia Childs

I promised myself never to diet again, but still wish to drop the few pounds I gained while mom was visiting Capestang over the winter.

I found myself incredibly inspired after meeting Kristen Macgregor; a Canadian woman staying in our apartment rental with a fabulous story of her own.

Kristen found herself one year ago hitting the 200 pound mark and decided to put herself back on her ‘To Do’ list and made loosing weight with a healthy lifestyle her new goal.

On her own she lost 35 pounds and ended up after an unexpected surgery, gaining half of it back in a short eight week time frame. Then she entered a contest that held her accountable for her weight loss and dropped forty pounds in thirteen weeks through a gym membership and eating a mostly plant based diet. You can see her complete story on her personal website Towards A Two Piece or on her Green Fighters Challenge Page

It was her story that inspired me to do something about my two piece swimsuit body going to s%@t over the winter. If she can to it, so can I!!

My Stats (over the last decade)

Highest Weight- 160 lb.

Lowest Weight- 120 lb.

That’s a pretty wide range up and down.

Goal weight 140 lb.

Current Weight 150 lb.

Question, can I loose 10 pounds by my fortieth birthday? Lets give it a try!

When Alfonz and I started to date I was under weight, 120 pounds, at 5’6″, didn’t eat meat or dairy, obsessive about yoga, exercising each day and worked hard on the Safeway check stands.

By my fortieth birthday I want to be back in my favourite dress. My goal is not necessarily a weight or an actual size, because at my age I know enough that once I reach my goal, I will reach for the potato chips.

I bought an expensive designer bikini online and when it showed up in my ‘size’, it was too big on top and too small below. I thought the photo of a woman in a cute retro bathing suit like Halle Berry as the James Bond girl would somehow transform me into her. Boy was I wrong!  For the price, I really have to make it work, which translates: ‘It is time for me to get back on the program.’

I have noticed that it got harder as I got older to keep the weight off. Alcohol in France is the tough one to quit, as it is such a large part of the culture. Here they grow grapes for the most amazing wines and the tradition is to drink it. Like borsch is to Ukraine or US  is to hamburgers, we find ourselves unable to escape that France is to wine. Not willing to give it up either, I have to increase my activity and lower my caloric intake.

When mom left to go back to Canada after a particularly cold winter, I gained 7 kilos. I am down 3 kilos so far and still have 4 to go. Since I stopped eating meat I have noticed a weight gain around my middle, but that could be just my age, closing in on forty, does mean a difference in my metabolism, or the higher carbohydrate intake, either way… now that my evasion to meat has subsided, it should be easier to loose and not give into my cravings during deprivation. (I write this as my stomache growls.)

Working on the canal boats especially when it gets hot, the staff naturally looses a few pounds. Also cycling everywhere once the rain subsides, makes it easier to be more active and eventually get me back to my normal shape, and my two piece. I should be at goal by December 14th without a problem or I could just chop off a limb. Whichever, I am determined.

Do women ever stop worrying about weight? I don’t think so, no matter how zen we think we are, we always feel better when we look better.

Maybe my forties will bring be some wisdom after 25 years of battling the bulge.

I will post my progress.


Five pounds down, five pounds to go. I did manage to get near my goal weight, but I had to go in for a hysterectomy surgery and lost a few and gained a few back but I am not going to beat myself up over it! I feel great and I like the bikini bod, although it is not perfect!

I go back to the gym next week post surgery and hope to tone it up for Spring. Wish my luck!

That’s Hamori

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