How To Use Up Easter Candy

What to make with Easter candy?
what to do with all this candy?
what to do with all this candy?















When my kids have play dates over at our house, the neighbourhood children know that there is a huge amount of uneaten Easter candy in a jar above the sink. Daniel and Angelina are only allowed a limited amount of sweets each day, and for play dates, we send visiting children home with little baggies of treats.

The problem is that the other parents thought it must be a Canadian custom and now our family is receiving bags of goodies back when my kids go over for a play as well. So that didn’t solve our chocolate over stock problem, and we still have more candy and chocolates than we know what to do with.

Here are four creative ways to use up your Easter chocolates.

Chocolate chip cookies with Chocolate Eggs

This is super easy. Take your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and substitute the chocolate chips for broken pieces of Easter Eggs.

Hot Chocolate with real Chocolate 

In a pan heat up milk and melt in pieces of chocolate, stirring until you have a smooth consistency. My kids love this for breakfast, and I control the amount they eat. I feel is a higher quality product than the hot chocolate from powder, but I might be delirious.

Chocolate Sauce

In a double boiler melt chocolate, and then while still warm dip fresh fruit in to it, just like a fondue. Our family’s favourites are strawberries, bananas and our fingers. Also this makes a delicious snack after a party, usually around midnight with champagne. Just saying!

Rice Krispie Squares with Easter candy melted on top 

Make Rice Krispie Squares from the recipe on the box or off the Internet and put Easter chocolate over top and put in the oven to melt.

Voila! This should satisfy all the chocolate lovers in our house and eliminate our Easter candy supply!

And more candy to bake with!
And more candy to bake with!

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  1. Anyway to get rid of all the left over candies, Halloween candy is not that much of a problem. Daniel’s birthday follows after and we give it all away in the kid’s grab bags.-Eva


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