La Chateau Des Carrasses – Capestang


La Chateau Des Carrasse

Maybe you remember the final scene of our episode, Lucky in the Languedoc, for House Hunters International, where Alfonz and I discussed over wine which house to purchase in Capestang. It was at La Chateau Des Carrasses that Alfonz and I made the biggest decision of our life, to buy a house in Capestang.

Today we revisit the location for their open house, where they introduce their first year of wine and they showed people what the rooms and apartments look like inside.

They had hosts showing the suites and giving out pamphlets on the luxury rentals. Everyone was nice and friendly, and they went out of their way in answering our questions.

No detail over looked, these luxury suites, apartments and Gites are available for around 5000€/week, for up to six people. Most include a private pool, use of the tennis courts, game room and the run of the grounds. Carresse is located just outside Capestang, near our active community with markets and shopping, directly on the Canal du Midi.

At the open house, we listened to the folky sound of a local band, ate Gruissan raw oysters and sipped wine, while talking to the employees and fellow curious residents of Capestang. It made a lovely afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed us sharing this unique experience with you through photos. If ever you want a very special travel destination, with high-end chef meals and private pools, this may be your holiday.

Carrasse Wine Tanks
Wine Made On Premises
Carasse Wine Cellar
Carrasse Restaurant
La Carrasse Restaurant, Where We Filmed House Hunters Last Year
Pool Guy
Art by Pool


Carrasse suite with popup TV and bath in room
Carrasse suite with popup TV and bath in room
Carrasse Rooms are big and comfortable
Carrasse Rooms are big and comfortable
Old Original Feature
Original Fireplace Feature
Character Rooms
Character Rooms & Decore
Pretty Views Carrasse
Pretty Views Carrasse
Our kids loved looking around the grounds of La Chateau Des Carrasse
Our kids loved looking around the grounds of La Chateau Des Carrasse
Infinity pool for guests
Infinity pool for apartment guests
Some homes for rent have private swimming pools
Some homes for rent had private swimming pools
Surrounded by vineyards
Surrounded by vineyards
Artist works scattered throughout the open house, added a fun flare
Artist’s wors scattered throughout the open house, added a fun flare
Hothouse offers winter guests an outdoor meal
Hothouse offers winter guests an outdoor space
Beautiful Outdoor Space, Covered all year round
Vendors exhibited their goods
Vendors exhibited their goods
Music greeted us
Music greeted us


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  1. You are going to love Beziers. We spend time there getting paperwork done for the various agencies. Capestang is a large village of 3500-4000 people, full of working French year round. Many villages and towns closer to the see shut down for the winter season and look like ghost towns. I did peek at your blog, did you say you already have a job! That is fabulous and does make things far easier once you arrive, especially when it comes to getting on the system for medical. 18 months in, we still have no coverage! The paperwork is no myth I am afraid, but like most things, we are getting used to the slower pace of life. In fact, I don’t think I could go back to my old life; been spoiled to time. Looking forward to meeting you once you arrive. Good luck!

  2. Hi Eva,
    I’m Jennifer, and I was referred to your blog by a really nice gal who stopped by mine, after I stopped by her’s (which was originally only intended for her family!). Her blog is “Bambino in a Backpack”. I was drawn to her blog because she and her family are looking to move to Europe. My family and I are also taking the plunge. Life’s too short! I’m so happy she told me about your blog. I’m enjoying discovering it. My blog is about getting ready for the move (in two months), the road we’ve traveled to get to this place, and then it hopefully will turn into something more as we and our children settle down in Béziers. Good luck with everything, and I look forward to reading more about your life in le Midi 🙂


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