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Mom and I started off our last day waking up to snow. My cold kicked my ass, so we decided to take it easy and stick to the bus tour. We bundled up and made our way to the centre of town, via bus and then metro.

For the most part, this line shows you the modern city of Milano, Italia. It is a big city with a population of 1.2 million and new construction and skyscrapers are being added to the skyline of Milan.

It was a grey day, and much colder than the day before. We found ourselves often off the bus nipping into a store to warm up, stopping for lunch and walking around to fill our day.

Our host’s family came to have supper with us on our last day in Milan, so we brought home a fancy dessert and a big bottle of red bubbly to celebrate and say thank-you for our 5 night stay.

Milano Bus Tours Line B

1. Castello

  • The Sforza Castle
  • Castle museums (Museum of Ancient Arts, Collections of Applied Arts, Museum of Musical Instruments, Archaeological Museums, Art Gallery)
  • Via Dante – pedestrian street

2. Triennale

  • La Triennale building and the Design Museum
  • Branca Tower
  • Arch of Peace in the Sempione Park

3. Garibaldi

  • Monumental Cemetery
  • Isola district (new skyscrapers area

4. Repubblica

  • Public GArdens Indro Montanelli

5. Palazzo Lombardia

  • Piazza and Palazzo Lombardia
  • Porta Nuova skyscrapers
  • Isola district

6. Stazione Centrale (Piazza Duca d’Aosta, between Via Galvani and Via Vitruvio)

  • Central Station building
  • Pirelli Skyscraper

7. Buenos Aires

  • Shopping area

8. Porta Venezia

  • Natural History Museum
  • Planetarium
  • Villa Belgioioso Banaparte
  • GAM – Modern Art Gallery
  • Public gardens Indro Montanelli

9. San Babila

  • San Bbila Church
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – pedestrian street
  • Fashion District

10. Duomo

  • Duomo square & Cathedral
  • Royal Palace
  • Museum del Novecento (Museum of Twentieth Century)
  • Vittorio Emanuel II archade
  • Affari square & stock exchange
  • Ambrosiana library & Art Gallery
  • Milano a memoris – Conema 5D

11. Manzoni/Scala

  • La Scala Opera House & Theatre Museum
  • Poldi Pezzoli Museum
  • Fashion District

12. Brera

  • San Marco Church
  • Brera Art Gallery & artistic district

Last thoughts: I love that the Duomo has so much to do and see. I probably would skip the B line of the bus tour. It was a little long, and a typical modern city. In the summer we would have got off more often and looked around. Winter, I would stick to the centre of town, take in some shopping and find a few places to have a nice warm lunch, and maybe even take in a show. 

It was so nice to hang out with my mom for a few days, as we haven’t travelled alone since I was 16. We did travel to Hungary for 6 weeks with Daniel when he was 1 1/2 which was equally as nice.

Enjoy the photos!

Happy and Safe Travels!

That’s Hamori!

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