Showing Mom Barcelona – Photo Gallery

Walking Street Barcelona
Walking Street Barcelona

Mom has been visiting our family in France for over six weeks and with Daniel and Angelina’s school schedule, we have not shown her much of France or the neighbouring countries. We decided to change all that and take her to Barcelona on a three-day excursion.

We drove the 2 hours and 45 minutes to our AirBnB booked apartment, at the bargain price of 184€ for 5 people. At 1.95 metres high our Viano van was tricky to park in Barcelona, but we managed to find oversized parking at the square of St. Jaume under the big market. For the three days it cost just shy of 80€, not a bad price at all for such a large city bustling with tourist. Most underground parking lots go up to 1.95 metres high.

Our three days were cram-packed full of activities. Starting at the Rambla, the famous walking street and ending 45 minutes outside of town at a monastery perched on a huge mountainside overlooking a deep valley below, we kept mom busy.

The next trip is planned for next week when mom and I travel by train to Italy for some shopping and exploring.


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