Barcelona Spain – Day Two

Starbucks Barcelona
Starbucks Barcelona

Tired after our first day sightseeing with the kids in Barcelona on foot, we decide to take a hop on hop off bus tour through the busy streets, hitting all the tourist spots of interest, and getting a good feel for the city on our short two day stay.

‘See, listen and enjoy’ is the motto of the tour company, and we saw, heard and mostly enjoyed our tour. Angelina at one point fell asleep, and Daniel had an issue with his seating, but over all, for a family with kids, about two hours is the melting point.

Completing the first green line bus tour, we jumped off one stop before the last and took the fifteen minute walk towards ‘The Great Unfinished’ work by Gaudi. The giant structure overlooks Barcelona and the basilica was never completed. It is the most identifiable structure in Barcelona. Gaudi devoted himself until his death to the project, and with donations, they continue his work with the plans and models Gaudi left.

The kids were too tired to do much more, deciding to push them we jumped on the Orange bus line anyway. After a few stops we hopped off, and decided to head back towards the beach, as the children requested.

Finding a great little hole in the wall Mexican food place with a fabulous view of the pier and sea, we grabbed dinner and headed back towards our hotel, via a long walk in the sand.

The kids played as we went; climbing on everything they could, crawling on hands and knees through the sand. Young men and women walked along tightropes strung up between huge palm trees along boardwalk.  Young hippies danced and played instruments in a huddle in the sand. Spanish boys did flips as we passed, showing their gymnastic skills.

Barcelona is busy place to find peace. Our senses were alive, and the distraction was wonderful.

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