HGTV & the Hamori family leave Capestang

House Hunters International film crew
House Hunters International film crew


Lucky in the Languedoc of France

Home and Garden Channel

find a house in france
House Hunter expats search for house in France

This was the TV promotions blurb about our family’s TV debut on House HUnters International. I cannot believe it was in 2012, but as the world turns, it looks like we will be doing another TV show about our move from Capestang France to Budapest Hungary! Stay tuned, and we will be posting about our family’s newest adventure!

  • Our budget is bigger, but houses are substantially less money in Hungary
  • Our plans to start a linguistic sejour will play a big part in choosing our new home just outside Budapest in the village of Solymar
  • We also need to accommodate visiting family from Canada, so we need extra rooms
  • We need a garden with a large garage
  • I want to have access to transit

Lucky in the Languedoc of France

Tune In May 16th 10:30 pm e/p

  • Canadians Eva and Alfonz both share Hungarian roots and decided to raise their family in Europe, but the harsh Budapest winters put a damper on their ability to make a living. Alfonz visited the Languedoc region of France on a motorcycle trip, fell in love and convinced Eva that was the place their family could prosper. They settled on the small, tourist friendly town of Capestang and compared to the neighboring Cote d’Azur region, prices here are more affordable but their small budget of $300,000 is hardly a cakewalk for real estate agent Mallory Moore. And Eva and Alfonz’s requirement of space to open a gite, or holiday rental, makes it next to impossible. It looks like major renovations might be in order, when House Hunters International lugs a tool belt to the Languedoc region of France.

Will the Hamori family be as lucky in Budapest during their second try starting a life in the big city? Stay tuned!

starbucks Budapest
Drinking Starbucks in Budapest
Andrassy Utca Budapest
Champs Elysee of Budapest luxury shopping street

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  1. Yea. I would love to learn more. It is my favorite show and I would love to hear about your “behind-the-scenes” experience and any information you have.

    I look forward to seeing your episode!

  2. You need to be in the final stages, to ensure a sale, and not fall through while they are taping the show. If you are truly interested, I can send you the information.

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