One Year Left to Live

one year left to live
The letter that changed our life

It started with a letter to my husband. A simple post on what if you only had one year left to live. From there we started to plan how we would make our dream a reality.

I hope this brings you a little inspiration.

Here is the letter to Alfonz,

One year left to live, what would you do? Where would you go? What would be important to you, and how would you spend your precious time left on earth?

With friends and family? Or, travel to the places you have always wished to visit? Would you buy the fastest car your savings could buy and speed down the Autobahn or would you drink yourself into oblivion? All viable options but what if you were not dying.

 Should we live each day as if it were our last? Why not ‘live your best life’ now? Instead, we wait for that pivotal moment to awaken us from the day-to-day grind. Our auto pilot existence where comfort and security are the bottom line, and yet we ask little more from our lives. What about hobbies, interests and our true passions, when will you make time for them?

Until the unthinkable happens, then forced we are acutely aware that we only have so much time left, and still many are fearful to go into action and pursuit happiness. 

Heaven forbid we slightly move out of our comfort zone into uncomfortable change. The question is, “Is this your life?” I know it is. What I ask,  ‘Is this the life you dreamed up for yourself that you could not wait to get to?’

Have you the courage to change?

Match your life with your true passion and everything else falls into place. 

Let’s make our life the dream we have always wished for,

Love Eva


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