Celebrating Halloween/ Birthdays in France

Angelina's Halloween shot
Angelina’s Halloween shot

Angelina’s birthday party was squeezed in before the fall break. We decided on a Halloween theme and16 kids got dressed up in their costumes, had their face painted and eat treats. Halloween is not widely celebrated in France, so we decided to bring the kids some extra fun, and made it a spooky celebration.

Yes of course they ransacked the house! With Halloween themed videos and music courtesy  of YouTube and colouring sheets for the girls to enjoy a moment away from the teasing boys, the party seemed a hit. Three seven year old boys from Ange’s class, Daniel, our nine year old and a friend’s 5 year old boy was a lot at the mostly girl’s party. The smallest was the most predictable and well behaved. Next year, girls only and maybe pedicures and manicures at the spa with me at a local spa. We will see!

Our Angelina got spoiled rotten, with loads of cool crafty gifts, books to escape into and we bought her a new pair of gold earrings so her ears will stop getting infected. She picked out little dangling stars from Historie D’or store near Auchun. She is such a typical girlie girl.

Over the last year, Angelina has learned to speak and write in French, she started modern-jazz with her close friends Garance, Sohane and Lou, whom she adores.

Her favouite things are make-up, jewelry, music and clothes. I often find her playing ‘make-believe’ by herself  in her room or reading out loud endlessly.

She has matured so much since we left Canada, and I watch her grow and am often amazed at her strength of character.

Happy Birthday to our: clever, talented, funny, beautiful and smart girl, Angelina. You crack us up with your sense of humour, you are wise beyond your years, you make us smile when we feel blue and you are one of a kind.

Enjoy your special day sweetheart.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Daniel

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