How to move a shed from Capestang to Beziers



Yes I am being immensely optimistic!

Today Mike, the young tree guy, (as apposed to the old tree guy whose coming later this week), came by after one phone call, to check out our palm tree and our options for it and ended up taking the shed.

The shed held old school round-up and items of a similar nature that were long ago banned in Canada as carcinogenic. We were ready to dispose of the now empty shed, to make room for the above ground pool.

Mike speaks impeccable English, and is a pretty cool guy. Brave (maybe crazy) but cool nonetheless.

We asked him, ‘You want the shed?’ he said sure.

And Mike came back 2 days earlier than scheduled to take it away. 2 days early!! That’s remarkable! Our first experience with early in France, we were pleased!

My faith returns in the eventual completion of our renovation project.

My faith also returns that people are willing to help us muddle through our little house project.

My spirits also lift, as I realize we are not in White Rock anymore, but that’s ok! (Tap my heals together three times. interrupted by a record player screech ..Okay another post another time.)

Out of necessity we are forced to slow down. It’s either go at the pace of the people around us, or die exhausted trying to change them. I don’t want to change anyone; who am I kidding, I can barely change myself even after decades trying. We are looking for a slower pace of life, that’s all.

Back to Mike, the young tree guy. I was a little nervous at Mike’s method of shed removal. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone.

I watched Alfonz and Mike lift the old shed without taking it apart, and place it directly on top of Mike’s white Renault cargo van. Towering at around 4 meters tall, I prayed for no wind.

‘Are you sure those little bungee cords will hold it down?’ ‘That doesn’t seem safe.’ ‘If it fails Mike, we didn’t give you a shed, ok!’ We made jokes, we laughed and of course I worried.

Mike was all smiles as he drove away. The first bump off our driveway to the main road, the rickety old shed shifted 3 inches off ‘square’. I bit my lip. He drove around the corner, out of sight, out of mind. Yeesh! We are out of our minds!

Alfonz called him, ‘Did you make it home to Beziers?’

‘I sure did, no problem!’ Mike said

Anyone that hilarious is welcome in our house anytime!

That’s Hamori!

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