Sanremo Italy – On Route to France from Hungary

Stunning views Sanremo
Sanremo Views from the top
Welcome to Italy from Budapest
Welcome to Italy

After a grueling 7-hour stretch in the van, we find ourselves in handsome Sanremo Italy, our last stop on our 1700-kilometer drive home from Hungary before reaching Capestang France tomorrow afternoon. We went from snow in Hungary, to rain in Slovenia and ended in 15+ in this microclimate piece of heaven.

Stunning views Sanremo
Sanremo Views from the top

Located directed on the Italian Riviera, this pleasant city overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and probably would have been a contender as a place for us to live if it wasn’t for the current economy of our neighbouring Italy.

Italian riviera walking streets
Sanremo Walking Streets

We re-watched ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ when we came home form our Christmas vacation, and dreamed again of what Italian life might be like. But being accepted and are assimilating so well to our French culture, we still have no regrets. I really did base my move to Europe on this movie, except my husband did not leave me for his pregnant girlfriend, and I was not going through any obvious psychosis at the time, I did want a fresh start to heal old wounds, and a way for me to change and grow without everyone who knows me watching me and judging me. I had to move this far to make those definite changes. I am not sure why. 

Alfonz Hamori in Sanremo
Alfonz in Sanremo
The Hmaori family visits Sanremo
Hamori’s in Sanremo

Winter boasts 7-16 degrees in Sanremo, but the summers are milder than the Languedoc with their temperatures ranging between 20-30 degrees, where here we are often between 30-40 and our winters are 1-15. We cope with a wider temperature range and of course we have the wind.

The Hamori kids - Sanremo
Hamori kids seaside

Things to do in Sanremo in the winter are gambling at the casino, walking along the promenade and walking the shopping streets. IThere is a large variety of restaurants, some ranging in price from $$ – $$$. In summer this is a beach resort with an amazing nightlife.

There are open aired markets, much like in France. Street vendors too.

Typical Italian
Italian man cuts prosciutto

Some advice to tourists is to stay close to the sea to eat, as the strip is really only for tourists and is very expensive and the food is only average. Our hotel was a 4 star, very inexpensive with views of the sea and the food was exceptional. Although we did find a local place for pizza and pasta, our total bill was 60€, which is cheap for this city.

Woodwork of Sanremo
sanremo markets
italian suasages
sanremo markets
cheese markets of Sanremo
Sanremo cheese market
Italian seside calamari
calamari italian seaside

Alfonz found Sanremo by fluke on the internet, but used to find our great deal on the Grand Hotel & Des Anglais. Hotel, dinner and breakfast 100€ for four people. Sanremo is charming, electric, and busy; your typical Italian riviera city. 

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